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I wondered for many years how Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR),Batch Packaging Record(BPR) and Analytical Work sheets(AWS) which are used in
Pharmaceutical industries can be mapped in SAP. The only option I could think of was to map them through PI sheets, but data maintenance is very huge and it is not flexible enough to adapt to new changes. If a sequence of steps has to be changed or any new steps have to be added to the existing PI sheets it is not possible to make those changes very easily. A lot of data has to be manipulated.


A few years back I have come across the mail merge feature of word document which can be used. Though it would not be 100% substitute to
electronic record, it will suffice the Indian Pharmaceutical industries requirement of maintaining the written batch records manually.


To make use of this functionality Document Management System (DMS) of SAP has to be implemented. First empty Batch Manufacturing Record is
to be stored in the DMS server against the material. In this document mail merge fields have to be incorporated before storing in the DMS server. The
fields can be Process Order Number, Batch Number, Quantity of Process Order, Material Code, Material Description etc.

When a process order is released QA department can take the print of empty BMR with data from SAP and hand over the document to the
production department. If ABAP development is done for this then you can control the reprinting authorization and give reasons for reprint.

Overall mail merge feature can be utilized very effectively for printing of Batch Manufacturing Records, Batch Packaging Records and
Analytical Work Sheets. This feature has helped me a lot in mapping the requirement of Pharmaceutical Industry.

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