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These days, I read documents related with M8 system messages , tolerances , invoice reduction etc.

In this document , i work on implementation and configuration SAP MM Logistic Invoice Verification. My example contains a example which it prevents different postings based on quantity and amount. We will get a problem that i want to post bigger amount, sap will not give permission with error messages finally invoice reduction will solve our this problem.


You can get details : https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/ERPSCM/Tolerance

Related Oss notes&KBA :

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I have a PO , my person posted a material document 100 qty.

In Miro , can you post more quantities and amounts ? Is it related your tolerances ? Not at all.

If posting exceed your tolerances , you can post but it is blocked. If not, you can not prevent. Sometimes , you can not be aware of tolerances when you can post fastly. It is dangerous.

Examples :

1 - Amount is bigger than PO.

2- Quantity and amount are bigger than migo and po values.

What can i do ?

Firstly , check your LIV system messages.

You can update your M8 / 81-82-83-504 messages with ERROR also if you get them.

MM/Logistic Invoice Verification/Invoice Block/Set tolerance limits

* Please check DQ and PP tolerance keys.

However , it is not enough to prevent posting . You have to maintain your LIV system messages.

* I configure M8 messages with ERROR.

* When i post our invoices , sap will not give permission...

** Unfortunately , i have to post some like a weigher result , vendor errors invoices with variances , how can i solve this problem ?

**Sometimes , you can post your invoices with tolerance even though you implement system messages. Invoice reduction can help you.

*Select layout : Invoice reduction , Correction ID : 2 Vendor error - reduce invoice ,Invoice amount Acc to Vendor , however you can use similiar way for quantities. Sap will create one more fi record for differences.

Results :

** Configurations :

You have to configure your T030 table with RKA transaction (OBYC tcode) and invoice document types.

I add RK document type for invoice reduction. (OMR4)

However, if you want to update some datas to implement in your country like a tax rates ..

You have to update records with enhancement implementation program LMRMCF07 .

EXIT_SAPLMRMC_001 -> include ZXM08U19

I hope that it can be benefical for your business life thoughts.

Thanks a lot for spending times ...


M.Ozgur Unal