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Dear All,


As many of us are aware of LTMC process which is available from S/4 HANA version onwards,

Now in this blog post, I wanted to share a few important tips which are required to edit LTMC standard Template.

Before we go in further just an overview why edit its required in LTMC Upload template?

LTMC is and advanced Migration Cockpit compared to LSMW, even though as per our client requirement we will be having Customized fields to incorporate in our day to day master data,

Which is not possible to add such Custom fields data in Standard LTMC Program, So SAP has delivered an application where we can edit standard upload program by using LTMOM.

Now once Standard Upload program is edited by adding Custom Fields, the same we need to make changes in Template as well.

Steps to Edit Template.

  1. Open template which we need to edit like inserting new columns in upload file

  2. Click on File to allow permission

As its sensitive data because all the fields and linked to program SAP strongly recommends not to change template, so edit option will be restricted.  

  1. Once opened on File option we can see a list of sheets as below

4. Click on unprotect under which sheet custom field needs to be inserted

5. Once done click on Unprotect click Home and go to the sheet where the insert is required. And insert as per requirement

6. Which sheet is still in Protected Status we can't edit or do anything as shown below options will be disabled.



Important Information

Do not make any changes to the structure of the migration template, specifically:

  • Do not delete, rename or change the order of any sheet in the migration template.

  • Do not change the formatting of any cells.

  • Do not use formulas.

  • Do not hide, remove, or change the order of any of the columns in the migration template.


Any changes to the sheets will result in a corrupted XML structure. Such modified migration templates are not supported by the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit.


So please make changes carefully with help of ABAP Help change in LTMOM and accordingly in Template



In this way, we can enable Edit option and upload custom fields in Master data objects, by using standard LTMC Template.
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