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In SAP ECC, LSMW tool is preferred for Master data uploads. For transaction data, most of the time BDC recordings are preferred over LSMW. It’s a belief that FB01 recording in LSMW is not feasible. This is untrue. LSMW can be used for FB01 recording.

In this blog focus will not be on LSMW recording steps. Prime focus will be on significant steps required for FB01 recording.

Pre-requisite: Readers should possess basic LSMW knowledge.

This blog coves below steps.

  1. Important steps

  2. Processing

  3. Output


  1. Important steps

Go to LSMW transaction and Create Project. Double click on ‘Maintain Object Attributes’.

Create entries as below. Create your own recording.

Once recording is completed, below screen will be displayed. This is most important part.

NEWBS, NEWKO, WRBTR and KOSTL are repeating in both screen. First screen represent line 1 in document and second screen line 2. We need to make some minor changes in 2 line entries.

Double click on NEWBS and change to NEWBS2. Please see below screenshot. Carry out this activity for KOSTL, WRBTR, NEWKO and change to KOSTL2, WRBTR2, NEWKO2.

Once done, changes should appear as shown in below screen.

Click on Maintain Source structure.

Maintain entry here.

Click on ‘Maintain Source Fields’

In below screenshot, for first line it is NEWBS, NEWKO, WRBTR, KOSTL. For line 2 its NEWBS2, NEWKO2, WRBTR2, KOSTL2. This will help system to identify 1st and 2nd line item from the file. If there are 3 or more lines, enter 3 or next number for above fields and complete recordings.

Click on specify files. Step 4 and 5 are skipped.

Select the file, click on Tabulator and check ‘Field Name at Start of file’. Steps till Display Converted Data are skipped.

File converted successfully.

Create Batch Input Session.

  1. Processing

Click on Run Batch Input session and execute. Select Session FB01.Select foreground mode to see if LSMW picks correct values.

Check below screen. Its picking up.

.Convert this Session to background

Click on Session Overview. Double click on session.

  1. Output

Documents are posted.

Check in FB03.

I hope this document is useful to you.

Any suggestion/mistakes/opinions are welcomed.

Zunaid Hingora

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