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LSMW : Issue with Symbols in the Load File ( Display Convert Data Step)

Issue :

Found this issue while loading data for General Tasklist through LSMW (Direct/Batch Input) .

Convert Data step is showing the correct record count , but at Display Convert Data Step , system is showing only few records.

(Reference for Tasklist Creation using LSMW , please refer LSMWLSMW – Task List Creation with 5 level input file using Batch Input   )

Using Example that I have used.

The input load file is having  187 records i.e., total of 16 transactions

Step : Read Data

All the 187 records were read and correct count has been displayed on the screen.

Step : Convert Data

Even after Convert Data step , system is showing correct

Step : Display Converted Data

Here only few records are displayed . Though there are 187 records converted , but at the display level only 61 records are displayed and remaining are skipped.

After lot of R & D , came to know the root cause for this is the presence of a symbol in the load file.

Here , in the above image , a special symbol is being passed to the SAP .

System is unable to identify that symbol.. so it is failing to read from there and it is not reading further .

Because of this , the system is reading till the symbol only .i.e.,   'TX42 Ensure the operator'  in the 61st line.

If anyone faces this kind of issue , please make sure to cleanse data in the load file .


Alternative Solution :

Implemented the FM 'SCP_REPLACE_STRANGE_CHARS'  . it is replacing the symbol with valid symbol  '.' and reading the next record without skipping successfully .


Though the symbol is simple , it created a lot of problem.   🙂

Hope this might be helpful...!


V Prasanth Kumar Reddy

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