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I am trying to list out all the tables related to VC including ( Classes, Characterstic, Dependencies ....)

Table Discription
AUSP Characteristic Values
BCST User-specific settings in configurator
CABN Characteristic
CABN_EXCL Characteristics That Are Excluded for Type Matching
CABNNEW Characteristic
CABNT Characteristic Descriptions
CABNZ Assignment of Table Fields to Characteristics
CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table
CAWN Characteristic values
CAWNT Value Texts
CDCND Configuration: Direct Conditions Data Type:CHAR
CECUFM Configuration editor: design: format
CECUSD Configuration editor: design: basic data
CECUSDT Configuration editor: design: descriptions
CECUSF Configuration editor: design: borders
CECUSFT Configuration editor: design: Border descriptions
CLAENNR Change number-to-class alloc.: classificati
CLBUF Cluster Table for Classes and Variants
CLINDEX Indices of Classification System
CLINDEXATINN Characteristic - Index Assignment
CLINDEXOBTAB Restriction of Index to Object Types
CLINDEXPROT Log Table for Document Search Index in Web
CLNAMESPACE Namespace for Characteristics / Classes
CLPROF Classification: Parameters for Settings
CLRK Recursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOM
CLSELSTATISTICS Statistics for Optimizing Object Search
CLSELSTATISTICS2 Statistical AUSP Information for Characteri
CUCO Additional Data for Configurable Objects
CUFM Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Form
CUOB Assignment of Object to Dependency
CUPE Extension to BOM Item for Variants
CUSD Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner
CUSDT Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Descri
CUSEPRES Material Variant Matching Preselection + Settings
CUSF Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Frame
CUSFT Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Frame
IBVALUEC  CBASE: Redundant Object Doc. on Value Changes for Inst
INOB Link between Internal Number and Object
KLAH Class Header Data
KLAT Classes: Long Texts
KRIF Richie Riffle
KSML Characteristics of a Class
KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
MACOND Configuration: Manually Assigned Conditions
SWOR Classification System: Keywords
TCL_MENU_BUTTON Menu Options and Buttons in the Classificat
TCLAO Several Objects in one Class Type
TCLAT Class Type Texts
TCLAU Subscreen for Additional Data of Class
TCLAUT Tab Text for Additional Class Maintenance S
TCLCAT Catalogs for Finding Objects in Classes
TCLD Characteristic Data from Standard
TCLFM Control Table Include Screen Module Pool fo
TCLG Class Groups
TCLGT Class Groups (Texts)
TCLO Key Fields of Objects
TCLOKCODE OK Code Control for Classification System
TCLR Object-Specific Reports and Transactions
TCLS Classes: Organizational areas
TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts)
TCLT Classifiable Objects
TCLTT Classifiable Objects: Texts
TCLU Class Status
TCLUT Class Status (Texts)
TCLX Class Text IDs
TCLXT Class Text IDs, Language-Dependent
TCME Validity for Global Characteristics
TCMG Characteristics Groups
TCMGT Characteristics Group Descriptions
TCMS Characteristic Status
TCMST Characteristic Status Descriptions
TCMV Default Values for Characteristics Management
TCOB Configuration: Configurable Objects
TCOBJ Help table for optimization reports (INTERN
TCOBT Configuration: Configurable Objects -Texts-
TCPA Templates for Characteristics Management
TCPAT Templates for Characteristics
TCPS Define Characters in Templates
TCTRW Reserved Characteristic Names
TCUA Configuration: Find Layout for Configuration Result
TCUL Configuration: Configuration Result Layout
TCUQ Configuration: Configurable Objects
TCUQT Text Table for TCUQ
TCUZ Configuration: Configuration Result Layout -Line-

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