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Welcome! At the first post of our blog series on S/4HANA CLOUD ESSENTIALS (ES).

TheValueChain NV being proud frontrunner in this domain is launching a blog series in which you will discover tangible insights about the ERP Cloud revolution.

What to expect? Ins and outs about great new features, but also the struggles that come along with. Follow our journey and become aware of the specifics in all the different areas.


We, at TheValueChain NV, had the great honor to implement S/4HANA CLOUD ESSENTIALS (multi-tenant edition formerly known as S/4HANA Public Cloud), using the SAP Activate methodology, at one of our key customers who is the market leader in the aerospace & aviation industry. With roll-outs planned in more than 25 different countries and a very extensive scope, including internal and customer projects, global supply chain, manufacturing, R&D, quality, service, warehousing and integrations with other cloud products like Concur and SuccessFactors, we were up for a big challenge back in April 2018.


What is it that mainly characterizes the S/4HANA Cloud Essentials (ES)?

  • The system is cloud-hosted with SAP, taking away your worries about maintaining the technical installation yourself

  • The system always runs the latest version of S/4HANA because upgrades are pushed quarterly

  • Simplifications are applied to reduce complexity and to encourage more involvement of the business

  • Guided configuration of the system with a limited adaptation of the scope items are offered.

  • In-app development with S/4HANA goes hand in hand with side-by-side development on the SAP Cloud Platform


We totally understand why a customer would choose this product. Why?

  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced

  • You have always an up-to-date system enabling the latest innovations

  • Implementation timelines should be shorter with a simplified system

  • As your system is completely standardized, you don’t have to fear the heavy upgrade projects anymore

  • There is close support from SAP with dedicated persons


However, … coming from a system where ‘everything is possible, as long you’re creative’, an S/4HANA Cloud ES implementation brings a lot of challenges and requires a radical mindset change… We can now testify that from our own experience as a trusted implementation partner!

As a consultant, it’s a continuous story of telling what the Cloud best practices (or scope items) and the system can offer, showing it to the customer, and explaining how and why they should adapt their business processes to it. Hence, the ‘Tell-Show-Tell’ method.

Of course, it’s always difficult for a customer to deviate from trusted functionalities in their legacy system. Especially when that legacy system is an SAP system.

The same goes for the consultants. It’s often hard to partially leave behind the precious knowledge we have accumulated over the years in order to suggest the right solutions. Everything we know from the past, can’t be taken for granted anymore.

To end the customer story... Today, we are live with 8 entities and rolling further out as fast as lightning! It has been a remarkable road so far and we still have a long way to go. But the times are interesting! Therefore we want to share a look behind the scenes with you on SAP’s digital core of the future: S/4HANA Cloud ES! A great product we truly believe in, but which is still in continuous development by SAP...


Follow our journey and get inspired in our blog series by our stories.. Get insight in what the cloud revolution can mean for you based on our experience. Expect real ins and outs about great new features, but also the struggles that come along with!


We are covering the following areas:

If you have any comments, please leave it below or send me a direct message.



TheValueChain NV  is a leading SAP Partner that enables companies to speed up and increase the business value of SAP. As a trusted advisor we inspire customers to embrace end-to-end solutions to tackle their challenges in this digital age. We aim for the total approach with smart innovation, simplification and sustainability. We go beyond simple: with functional and technical expertise and an unconditional commitment we convert your implementation into a unique differentiator.



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