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Dear Experts,

This Blog post explains you how period end processing of time off balance with partial Payout automatic at year end

This is quite common requirement from most of the customers to carry forward some 'x' of leaves from one year to next year and remaining to be auto payout at the year end. Earlier we were having only to carry forward 'x' number and remaining to be lapsed & Admin has to manually check upload for Payout. We were having the leave automatic payout functionality only at employee termination not at the year end.

Now we have the partial auto payout functionality & partial to carryover at year end in Success factors Time off. Please find the steps below to configure this functionality.

Step 1: Configure Time account type & assign the Pay component & Pay component group as mentioned in the screenshot.

Step 2: Period End processing rule to written in such a way that you need to transfer the minimum balance to next year & remaining balance to do the payout. Please find the below screenshot for the reference. For the below rule, you need to choose "Period-End Processing With Payout" rule scenario in Business rules


Step 3: At year end once Period end processing executes by the system automatically & Minimum amount will get transfer to next year account and remaining balance will get transfer in to the Non recurring number Pay component (which we have assigned in the time account type) with the specified date. This will move to the payroll system via Integration & Payout will happen in Payroll.

Hope this Blog post helps you accommodate the client requirement where you need to do auto payout at year end in SF Time Off.



Manjunath BK

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