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Issue :

Recently while creating a custom report regarding procurment cost summary, we had encountered a unique problem, where in our total value of cost incurred purchase organization wise, was showing abrupt values. On further analysis, I found that for certain PO’s with certain line items, the exchange rate would change abruptly with characters combined to the values “/0.94000 , /0.1500” etc.

Analysis :

The KONV table are filled with transaction data line item-wise, i.e. whatever value is filled in condition types, the same gets updated in the table KONV.

Purch.Doc. Created on ItemNo Doc.cond. CnTy CondPrcgDt Condition base value Order Currency Document currency / Vendor Currency
4533005292 19.08.2015 10,20 1002024235 PB00 19.08.2015 /1.50000 USD GBP

As you could see, there is stark difference in “Order Currency vs Document Currency/ Vendor currency”. Also in some cases, the Order currency vs Document currency will remain same, but still the KONV-KKURS table will pick the Indirect exchange rate value.

Due to this mismatch in currency at item level condition type in pricing, system tends to take the “Indirect Exchange Rate” instead of “Direct Exchange Rate” as system is not able to identify the currency conversion.

Detailed Explanation :

Take for e.g. from the above list of PO : 4533005292

PO Details :

Pricing Details :  

Further going into details of condition type, I found that :

The info-record maintained for this validity period of condition pricing date is maintained in currency “USD”

Due to this, at table level the system picks up the “Indirect Exchange Rate” which is maintained in “/VALUE” , which is what reflects in our KONV-KKURS table :

Entries in Table : TCURR :

The “Indirect Exchange Rates” are always maintained in table with “/VALUES”

Exchange rate maintained in Transaction (configuration): OBO8 :



USD to SGD :

Possible Causes for this Issue :

  1. The users are maintaining info-record for the material – vendor combination with different currencies for that validity period.

  2. The users are changing the “Currency” in “Delivery/Invoice” tab at the point of creating the PO since the currency is an editable field at the time of creating the PO.

  3. Changing of currency while creating PR instead of the company code currency.


Steps to be taken to resolve the Issue :

  1. The user should not have the authority to change currencies at the time of creating the PO.

  2. While creating info-record, proper care needs to be taken to maintain the price of condition types with same currency as of vendor irrespective of the validity period.

  3. PR currency should not be changed through "personal settings" -> "Default values tab" in ME51n.

So, whenever, if you face any such issues, pls make sure you follow the above steps and analysis.



Vignesh Bhatt

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