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08.02.24 DSAG TechXChange - ABAP cloud with Microsoft hands-on lab
03.11.23 Virtual TechEd 2023 Opening Show featuring scenarios of this blog released
15.08.23 AI SDK for ABAP scenario for ERP-master-data generation added (embedded series part 2)
20.07.23 GraphQL integration with BTP ABAP OData published (btp series part 3)
14.07.23: X.509 scenario with API Management for BTP ABAP published (btp series part 2)
30.06.23: SAP process approval in Microsoft Teams published (embedded series part 1)
20.06.23: Excel scenario published (btp series part 1)
06.06.23: BTP ABAP environment release on Azure
23.05.23: ABAP Environment release 2305
23.02.23: DSAG ABAP developer day for Microsoft integrations with SAP's engineering team

Dear community,

Building on Frank’s “BTP ABAP Environment on Azure” release announcement we will take you on a journey of various Microsoft integration scenarios with ABAP over the coming weeks. Excited yet?🤩

Using the language flavor “ABAP Cloud” ensures you’re set for the future no matter in which deployment style you are in today. Plain cloud orembedded” living next to your ERP – you choose.

ABAPConf 23 session (Power Automate parsing PDFs on Outlook inboxes, processed by RAP service with Microsoft AI SDK for SAP)

Below integration scenarios are inter-changeable.

All presented scenarios rely on the RESTful ABAP Programming Model (RAP) exposing an OData service.

Reproduce for free with BTP free tier, Azure trial, and M365 developer sandbox.

Find the associated GitHub repos here 👩🏽‍💻


SAP BTP ABAP Environment (aka. Steampunk)


🎓Part 0 – Getting your dev environment ready

Featuring SAP’s Academy YouTube playlist, SAP Developer tutorial and SAP’s GitHub repos
Use SAP’s dev tutorials to get started with ABAP Development Tools (ADT on Eclipse), abapGit and BTP on Azure.

🙋🏽 Part 1 – Consume SAP RAP Business Objects from Microsoft Excel🔗

Featuring SAP's CDS developer tutorial foundation and update enabled - CDS behavior
Learn how to expose an OData service from a RAP object and execute “live” request from Excel.
🌍Part 2Govern your ABAP cloud APIs with API ManagementIntegrate your ABAP backed APIs into your general API Management umbrella with production ready X.509 client certificate authentication. (Steampunk inbound)
🚀 Part 3Uplevel your ABAP Cloud API using GraphQL with Azure API ManagementExpose your ABAP backend APIs as GraphQL for efficient queries and a single API endpoint to simplify app lifecycle.
📦Part 4Store your ABAP Cloud data exports in Azure Blob StorageSince the days of casually saving ABAP data dumps to the application server discs are gone, learn how to move to Azure Blob storage instead.
🔮your chance to ask for the next part in the series. What topic are you most curious about?...


SAP S/4HANA Cloud  - ABAP Environment (aka. Embedded Steampunk)

Applies to private edition (SAP RISE, hyperscaler, and on-premise) and public edition (GROW with SAP)

🎓Part 0 – Getting your dev environment readyRely on the same tutorials as listed above with focus on ADT. Ensure minimum release of 2022 for S/4HANA Cloud private edition and 2208 for public edition

🧠 Part 1 – Approve SAP process🔗

Featuring How to Create RAP Business Events in an On-Premise system
Directly approve SAP processes from Microsoft Teams
💡Part 2Automatically generate a meaningful travel booking description on creation from SAP Fiori.See the Microsoft AI SDK for SAP using the Azure OpenAI service in action enhancing your ERP master data create process from SAP Fiori and RAP.

☝Applies to private and public edition

Supporting blog posts and sample repos


ABAP Environment Roadmap
abapedia - ABAP API Definitions
ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model | SAP Help Portal
SAP Discovery Center - ABAP environment (cloud.sap)
ABAP Environment | SAP Help Portal

As always feel free to ask lots of follow-up questions and share your own steampunk scenarios with the community. See me to get your share of steampunk ninjacat unicorn stickers if you fancy those.