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  • Material Used:                   

  • FERT- Samsung Ace

  • ROH- Battery

  • ROH- Mobile Case

  • Plant: 1000

   Perquisite Setting For Kanban Stock Transfer:

  1. 1. We need to create to storage locations. Assign it to materials by MMSC

         KN01- Kanban Storage location (Stock should be excluded from MRP)

         MN01- Main Storage location

    2. KN01 should be put in MRP2 views of all materials in Production storage          

         Location of ROH material.

  1. 3. Create Supply area for supplying storage location MN01 and Reciving storage    location KN01. PK05

           For KN01 Supply area PRD2 is created



            For MN01 Supply area PRD3  is created

  1. 4. Create Control Cycle. PKMC for Reciving storage location KN01

                After clicking on change/display mode you will get creation field

                Creating Control cycle for KN01 for material MOBILE CASE

           Then save it. 

          0004- is a Direct posting , No material Reservation will be created for Replinishment

           i.e. To EMPTY status

  1. 5. After that Print Barcode in PK17

  1. 6. Set Status Empty by scanning barcode in PKBC

  Then save it Status will be changed From WAIT----> EMPTY

If the MN01( Main stores) doesnt have Stock then KANABAN Signal will be  failed and it will give error.

         Ensure that material is available in Main Stores in MD04

          When you change WAIT---->EMPTY

           Due to Direct posting 0004 Material is directly posted to KN01

     In PK13N View we can see the container number and its indication

       Change Status  To EMPTY----> To FULL

     Green Light Indication Container is Full.

     After That Same procedure done with another child material (BATTERY)

Hope this Document will be helpful..!

Any suggestions are welcome.



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