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The following blog post is a submission for SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

In the current trend,almost all the business models are experiencing a huge change in their ways of performing specific functions and these business level change transformation can be supported by SAP Artificial Intelligence and SAP Machine Learning Technologies to make ease of the business. So,we have used these latest technologies and developed a solution.

Solution Demo:


Challenge Submission

Solution Name:


Solution Description:

JuzzDrop is a mobile solution developed for automotive service business customers (i.e. B2C). This application is a simple interactive service which includes image recognition and voice bot, helps a customer to drop the vehicle at service center for a service and this app has a real time interactive service with SAP Business One application to fetch related details.

Solution Use Case


Real Customer Use-case:

Problem Statement :

Customer who visits the service center and drops the vehicles, has their challenges due to crowd at service center or due to less service advisers. This leads the customer to wait for a service adviser.

To save the time of customer and have a real time vehicle service status update we are proposing a solution called juzzdrop (i.e. Just leave your vehicle and go).

Use Case:

  1. Vehicles enters the Service center

  2. Via Web Cam system identify the number plate/ Reg No

  3. Identified Reg No information is sent to ERP (SAP B1) to fetch the service history

  4. Based on service history system triggers a notification (As a Text message and whats app message)

  5. Customer open's the App and confirm to use juzzdrop function

  6. If Yes, then Voices discussion started

    1. System Suggest the recommended service based on service history

    2. Customer Voice statements are recorded and description is written in the order

  7. Confirmation of service order is notified to the customer by raising an order in SAP B1

  8. Customer Handovers the key to security and leaves the premise


Persona Identified:

Pain Point  : As a vehicle owner, when multiple vehicles reach the service station, unavailability of the service adviser is a big challenge which kills the time. So we have created an app and reduced the time from customer side as well as from service sector side

Industry focus: Automotive Industry

Solution Details:

Automated dropping of vehicle without interacting with service adviser – we have developed a mobile App which includes previous service history details and interacts with customer over voice which will make customer to add items through voice and it automatically creates a n order in SAP B1.


Solution Technology


UX Technology : HTML5, CSS3

Platform Technology : SAP HANA

Latest Technologies Used : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Libraries : JAVA In-Built Libraries


Road Map

Targeting to enter into market this year and planning to add more features based on the output.



Partner:  Ikyam Solutions Pvt Ltd

Country: India

Team Name: Team Ikyam

Team Members:

1. Pavan

2. Abhishek

3. Shifas

4. Om Sankeerth M

Technology has become crazier now a days, we were more interested in integrating and implementing it in our own SAP Business One Box which will help customers to use it in their business.

For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.