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As I wrote yesterday - I have been working on a flashcard collection - module 2 for onboarding is now released. The new module includes screen dumps to assist you and me - so we can pass the certification. Will slowly work my way through the different modules - and produce questions for every area that I see relevant to pass the certification.

If you have improvements please forward them to me - if you wish to contribute with questions - just forward them and they will be included.

But how will I be notified when new questions are released? Please join the class on the below link - and you will be notified when new content is published. There is no fee - or punishment like 1000 Burpees ( much feared Crossfit exercise).

SuccessFactors Onboarding | Quizlet

When I have passed the Onboarding Certification - a new class for Employee Central will be opened.

Enjoy - Best Regards Anders Bang Christoffersen