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I decided to start my blogging journey with Item proposals. Kindly forgive if there are any mistakes.

Definition: An Item Proposal is a list of frequently Ordered Materials and Order Quantities.

Usage: Saves Order Entry time and effort

Path: Logistics -> SD -> Master Data -> Products -> Item Proposal -> Create

T-Code: VA51 - Create

             VA52 - Change

             VA53 - Display.

Steps for creating and assigning Item proposal.

1. Creating Item Proposal

  •      Initial Screen VA51 - Enter Doc type (Ex MS) and Sales Area
  • Overview Screen - Enter Description, Materials and Quantities
  • Click on Save button
  • Note the Item Proposal Number

2. Assigning the Item Proposal to CMR

  •     XD01/02 Sales View

3. In the Sales Order enter Customer Number and click on Item Proposal Button. Then specify the item Proposal number and press enter button.

For the materials which must have a default quantity in the sales order, create a item proposal condition record.


1. Creating Item Proposal:

     Go to VA51 - create item proposal:


Enter Item Proposal Type (ex MS) and Sales Area.

Press Enter.

Enter Material Numbers. Enter quantities.

Click on Save button.

2. Assigning Item Proposal to CMR:

     Go to XD02, select the customer for which you want an automatic item proposal.

In case you have a lot of customers, you can do this via MASS to update multiple customer master records at the same time.

Enter Item proposal item number.

Click on Save.

3. Create Sales Order:


Create a standard order. Enter the customer number.

Click on Item Proposal Icon:

There are 3 options:

     Option 1: Press Enter button / Default with quantity.

System copies all items and quantities from Item Proposal.

Option 2: Default without quantity:

       System copies all items only and not quantities from Item Proposal:

Option 3: Selection List: The system displays the list of items in the item proposal and lets the user select which materials to copy and how much quantity each material should have:

In this example, I have changed Item proposal record 50000033 (VA52) and added two materials to be proposed:

The user can select which material should be copied (checkbox on left) and how much quantity should be copied.

For example, I am going to de-select material 100-300 and change the quantity for 350-120 to 50 L:

Click on copy Quantities:

If you click on copy Materials, only the materials will be copied, not their quantities

Press Enter

The list of materials and their quantities as selected in the previous screen are copied into the sales order

The user can manually change the materials and quantity in the line item:

Save the Sales Order.

Item Proposal Configuration:

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