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This above is the question raised in my mind while I am starting to learn S4HANA and I tried to cover here that satisfy my interest towards S4HANA.

This blog post will help to understand that the Production Planning (PP) in S4HANA. There is always questions in our mind that what is the new development in S4HANA for Production Planning and this will lead some confusion and create some wrong assumptions. This blog post trying to answer for those questions and avoid unnecessary assumptions.

Here we go. As we are very familiar with Production Planning in ECC, what is new in S4HANA is Advanced Production Optimization – Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling. The feature APO-PPDS is added in to the S4HANA.

We can find many blog post now a days related to PPDS in S4HANA that is what we used to work in ECC. Now the focus of ECC in Production Planning is need to go into PPDS S4HANA then only we will be able to understand PP in S4HANA. That is PPDS – S4HANA.

Detailed scheduling is added to the PP module in S4HANA. In ECC scheduling will be available not Detailed scheduling. Detailed scheduling means that the plan will be created week wise, Day wise and even minute wise. Monthly plan will be distributed to weekly plan, then daily plan. If required minute plan.

Ok. So this blog post will be trying to help and guide that how you have to learn PPDS in S4HANA. And this is completely based on my experience and if you Guys have your own style that is fine. If you are trying to learn PPDS I will suggest that you learn first APO – PPDS because we can find few stuffs in all over internet. IF you try with S4HAN there will be more confusion.

Learn APO – PPDS and try same in S4HANA that will help you to better understanding of PPDS S4HANA.

There are many blog post trying to explain you what are the master data required to work in PPDS S4HANA and they are all not shared what is the major difference or additional feature S4HANA PPDS has which I noticed by reading many content.

In ECC MRP will create production plan but in PPDS S4HANA Production Planning Run will create feasible plan. In ECC you have MRP Run and but in S4HANA you will have Production Planning run that will create feasible plan. This will consider detailed scheduling parameters which is setup in profiles.

Feasible plan means that when production activity needs to start and finish. How effectively work center and resource will be used and how efficiently production resource will be used. Maximum utilization of resources and minimization of idleness and breakdown of resources are part of S4HANA. The cost of the production will be optimized using the optimizer in S4HANA. This will use Optimizer Profile setup.

Based on the optimized cost the production activity will be carried out and selection of PDS (.i.e. BOM)  will be based optimized cost.

And the master data require in PPDS S4HANA are Location, Model and Version Management, Planning Version, Product master, Product Data Structure. In APO you have CIF and its related transactions and that is simplified in S4HANA. Heuristics are used in PPDS to have flexible MRP.

In APO you have to move the master data from ECC but enabling APO indicator in material master and work center master and maintaining separate views are enough in S4HANA. The requirement can be moved from Demand Plan (DP) and Supply network Planning (SNP) which is in Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or Planned Independent requirement (PIR). Sales Order also will be consider.

Above is very short writing which is enough to understand PP part of S4HANA that is PPDS.  And please refer below links for more info in PPDS.


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