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What is ISDOC?

ISDOC for SAP Business ByDesign is an electronic invoicing format, which allows paperless exchanging of invoices and other documents, their quick processing and portability among companies, public administration authorities and individuals.

What benefits this solution brings?

Benefits of ISDOC for SAP Business ByDesign

First of all, it is about the Full security

ISDOC is a technology based on secured electronic document exchange respecting the standards. The uploaded documents will be fully secured by maximizing automation and minimizing user interaction – briefly, it is the most efficient option. This protected access to the documents is based on authorizations and authorization roles.

Friendly access

ISDOC solution has this user friendly access which helps customers to work with electronic documents. To achieve the access you just need to open the main launchpad, after to follow the link to invoices.

Invoicing format

This solution was created to allow paperless exchanging of invoices and other documents. Also, to reach their quick processing and portability. Invoicing document is automatically created in SAP.

The electronic exchange of business documents

Thanks to this SNAP international ISDOC solution, you can have all the documents for processing and distribution of invoicing. So the customers would not waste their time and financial expenses.

In an attachment you can follow the video of finding the ISDOC.

As you can notice to find the link for ISDOC is really simple, it can be open right from the launchpad without any complicates:


The next video shows how the ISDOC looks alike:


Let me know if your have any further questions, will be glad to answer!
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