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While processing IDOCs I was getting error message Customer master table KNVV is missing, I tried to find the solution but did not get any because it was specifically related to IDOCs in SAP IS-Retail.

I found the below solution and sharing with you, hope it will be helpful for some else who is having the same issue.

Figure 1.1 is showing the error messages that I was getting in T-Code WPER (POS Interface Monitor)

Figure 1.1: Error messages of IDOCs T-Code WPER

When I checked the table KNVV it was showing data in Figure 1.2 for Customer 200112

Figure 1.2: Table KNVV for Customer 200112, T-Code SE16N

When I checked the Site J133 using T-Code WB03 (Display Site), I found out that this site belong to Division JH see Figure 1.3, but you can see in Figure 1.2 that Division JH is not available for Customer 200112 in Table KNVV

Figure 1.3: Display Site, T-Code WB03

To add the relevant Sales Area for Customer 200112, go to T-Code XD02, add Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division and click the Create icon as in Figure 1.4

Figure 1.4: Customer Change Initial Screen, T-Code XD02

After adding Division JH for Customer 200112 you can see the entries in Table KNVV as in Figure 1.5

Figure 1.5: Table KNVV for Customer 200112, T-Code SE16N

Now we are ready to process the IDOCs again, You can see both IDOCs processed successfully in Figure 1.6

Note: T-Cdoe BD87 can be used to process the IDOCs

Figure 1.6: IDOCs processed successfully, T-Code WPER
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