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I worked for SAP for nearly 5 years. I now realize that during that time, I was very lucky! I didn't have the challenges thrown at me by SAP, just so I could do my job.

What do I mean by that? Well I've been working as a Lead consultant for Enterprise OnDemand for the last 3 weeks (other ByD partners are available, just not as good!)

My first challenge was a game I will now call "Spot the authorisation" in this game,I try to log on to any of the SAP partner sites, and see how many times it is possible for an SAP website to challenge my userID (via my S-user certificate) and not allow me access to areas of the site I had enjoyed previously. This is a great game to play when at a customer site too. So far I have had access, no access, customer access and no access all within the space of 48hrs.

Oh and as a special treat, I try to do this whilst using IE10 on a Win8 laptop. Scary........

My next little game I play to while away the hours the spare hours in the day is "Lets download and install official SAP Software"

This is a corker, guaranteed to make you laugh all day.

Firstly, visit the download center of SAP ByDesign and download the MSExcel Add-in. Aha 100 points to SAP This doesn't work you can't download from there, its broken. Go back to Old Kent Road!

So find a demo system of the version you require and download it from there. OK so now I am ready to install the Adobe lifecycle designer for SAP ByDesign. In theory this enables me to customise the barcode labels printed by ByD,

Now the end-game is has it installed?

there are no installation messages (confirmations or error)

Another 100 points to SAP  for making you think the installation routine worked.Fool. do not pass go do not collect your free ticket to Tech-Ed

Please can someone help me with a reason why the adobe lifecycle designer will not install on IE10 running Win8. I have seen it run on a collegues laptop (badly though!)

Oh and Finally, Esther

Why cant I transfer my ByD certifications from my employment at SAP to my new career outside SAP? Grrrrrr




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