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Our customer is not able to close the accounts because the inventory audit report figures and the TB figures does not match. I've run the IVC check and the database is healthy. and I;ve corrected the incorrect account mapping as per Note 1461889 - inventory account for future. The problems was due to incorrect account mapping and manual JE. Now my problem how do I correct the earlier errors and match the TB and close the account. the document wise differences are as follows:

                                        Document                         As per TB               As per audit               Difference

Opening balanceOB221697224686-2988.78
Stock TransferIM15272991527299
Journal EntryJE62952062952
Goods receiptPR-18324-183240
A/P InvoicePU4944940
Goods receiptSI130958077-56768.36
Goods IssueSO-3297260-33023485088.03
Stock VerificationST-4225-5134909



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