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This was a SAP User Group webcast earlier this week.


In this initial webinar of our series on the SAP S/4HANA Transition Road Maps, you will get the opportunity to learn more about the structure, content, and usage of the SAP Transition Road Maps. The focus will be on the SAP S/4HANA On-premise version. We will moreover outline which content is relevant for which target group, and how customers can take advantage of the Road Map Viewer.

Be sure to join us August 8 BI: SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics (Focus on SAP Analytics Cloud): Where to Do What?

Source: SAP

Replay is here

Source: SAP

SAP Activate, successor of ASAP methodology

SAP Activate - heavily driven and influenced from the cloud world

When implement cloud, not only description, preconfigured content you can use, tools to use, methodology behind it

Concept to on-premise

Configuration content, migration content, is in the Best Practices Explorer

Some tools only available in cloud - expert configuration apps

Solution Builder/SolMan relevant for on premise

Source: SAP

The term, transition road map

It is not a product road map

It is a road map how you implement and run project to transition to S/4HANA - new implementation or conversion

Follows Activate methodology

Phases on top (see right)

Left side is the work streams, grouping the work you have to do

Road map contains activities - planning, scoping - group the tasks below

An overview to keep big picture of the project, which phase of the project

Download from Road map viewer; updated quarterly - guides, SAP Notes, documentation

Source: SAP

Available road maps

Focus on product integration

Below - cloud road maps

SAP Analytics Cloud has a small lightweight road map

Source: SAP

Will be published in July

Activate phases at time

Time runs from left to right

Left is the work streams from Activate

Superset of all 3 scenarios

Describes a conversion and new implementation

Need to tailor picture to your scenario

Most important work stream - app design and configuration - how design to be processes in S/4HANA

Explore - box gives you some exposure

Prototype - mini project, run up front before you start real project

Transition planning; touch all areas

Transition preparation can be big; system conversion, handle simplification items up front (customer vendor integration do before real conversion starts)

Go live - cutover, dress rehearsal, after cutover have hyper care phase

Then hand over to the support organization

Ends with safely operation solution and then think of next innovation cycle

Source: SAP

Benefits to hundreds of documents

Roadmap Viewer

Source: SAP

SAP "invite you to use Road Map viewer"

Source: SAP

This was part of the demo


Note: the PDF for the webcast slides is not available yet; that has several useful links.
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