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In this blog, I want to share my personal insight about one of benefits to use the SAP B1 Hana or MSSQL in the digital era.

The SAP B1 Hana or MSSQL is not the ERP application that is solely used as ERP for companies but can be the used as core system for other application or system. What I mean here is every SAP B1 end users can use all of SAP B1 modules as a resource for another application. For example is web based application. Some companies have seen that their businesses can be run smoothly and successfully by using web-based application in their business activities rather than using microsoft excel or 365.

If the companies want to use the web based application, they can integrate it with the SAP B1 Hana or MS SQL. They need to to integrate it because that all of business transactions that performed or recorded in other system beside the SAP B1 system must be recorded in the SAP B1. So that the financial report could also be included such transactions in the report calculation.
In this case, the SAP B1 is used as core system for other application.
That is one of the benefit of SAP B1 application.

The web based application can be interfaced with ERP SAP B1 Hana or SAP B1 MSSQL easily by using the SDK code of SAP B1. The code that can be opened in the C# or VB.Net application programming.

The SDK of SAP Business One is also called as DI API.  The DI API contains objects and methods that enable the developers to read, write, update, or remove some available data objects on the database level. Of course, there are also some of objects can't be accessed due to its high importance. 

My eleven years experience in the SAP B1 as an implementation, technical and support consultant have developed some interfacing add on by using SDK Code. Here is one of the interfacing add-on flow scenario that I have successfully developed :


In the picture, I developed an one way interface add-on to import the invoice from web application and then automatically creates the a/p invoice in the sap b1 application on daily basis schedule. There are two interfaces this scenario, i.e. :

  1. A Sync. Agent to export the data from MySQL database table to SAP Hana User Schema (Staging DB) table
    - The business data from web application database is exported to a certain table of MySQL database in the Google Cloud Platform. The export functionality should be available in the web application.
    - The export schedule to MySQL database should be set automatically on daily basis or hour basis. Depends on SAP end user requirement that needs the transaction data in this web application.
    - The sync agent will export the data from MySQL database to SAP Hana schema which is called as Staging Schema. All of transaction data in the MySQL database data and in the SAP Hana staging schema should be the same each other. In the picture, these processes are shown by number 1, 2 and 3. The process is finished when the data have been stored in the Staging DB.

  2. An Import Agent to import the data from SAP Hana User Schema (Staging DB) and then creates SAP A/P Invoice document or other documents automatically in the SAP B1 Hana Live Schema in the same time. In the picture, this process is shown by number 4 and 5 arrows.

All of the add-ons can be run automatically by using task scheduler. Please contact me if you need more detail about the solution including source code.


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