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I am writing this blog to explain the process of Intercompany Field Service & Repair in SAP Business ByDesign system.

I have explained the detailed process as well as various notes based on errors and exceptions that we can get in system while trying this process in the system.

In Intercompany field service & repair, our company can provide repair & services for our customers that are fulfilled by our subsidiary company. Our company may not have the capacity to carry out the repair or services for the product you sold to the customer or the location where the service is required, then your subsidiary will help you to repair or provide services from their side.


  • On Buyer Company Tenant:

Enable the question ‘Do you want to integrate with purchasing processes for externally fulfilled service and expense items in service orders?’ under the element ‘Service Order’.

Question for Buyer Company Tenant


The output channel ‘Internal EDX’ must be set for the following business documents:

  1. Advance Shipping Notification

  2. Sales Order Confirmation

  3. Customer Invoice

  4. Service Order Confirmation

Internal EDX for Buyer Account

  • On Seller Company Tenant:

Enable the two questions under the element ‘Communication for Service and Repair’.

Questions for Seller Company Tenant

The output channel ‘Internal EDX’ must be set for the following business document:

  1. Purchase Order

Internal EDX for Supplier Account

Maintain List Price for the product or services to be used in Intercompany scenario

List Price for the Service

Maintain Price List for the product or services to be used in Intercompany scenario

Price List for the Services

  • Maintain Work Distribution for the Seller Company

Organizational Management> Organizational Work Distribution> Sales Unit for Sales> Edit> Add Rule> Maintain the Description, Sales Org Unit of the Selling Company> Check> Save

Work Distribution

  • Create a Transport Lane from Seller Company BR to Global

Transport Lane


Create a new sales contract by adding the services you want to deliver for the customer.

Sales Order> New Contract> Fill in all the mandatory details in the General tab with the Sales Unit of Buying Company> In Items tab add the services for the customer, mention Quantity, Fulfilment is 'External', and Supplier is 'Selling Company'> Submit> Release

Sales Contract

Follow up this contract, with service order

Follow up with Service Order

Mention the Supplier Company in ‘Supplier’ field in General Tab, Maintain the Buyer Company Sales Unit in ‘Involved Parties’ Tab, Under ‘Services and Spare Parts’ Tab all the services details will be fetched automatically from the contract, Under ‘Service Planning’ sub-tab maintain the fulfilment as ‘External’ and supplier as ‘Supplier Company’> Save> Submit> Release to Service Execution

Service Order

If you check in ‘All service orders’ list, another Service Order Document will be created automatically for the Supplier Company

Another service order created automatically

As we have set up the Intercompany Scenario and fulfilled the prerequisites, all the necessary documents gets created automatically. If you check in the document flow of the first service order we can see the documents that got created automatically.

Now, we can go back to the second auto created Service Order and Release it for Execution

Release Service Execution

After releasing for execution, Confirm the Service Execution

Confirm Service Execution

A new screen will pop up for confirming the Service Execution> Check all the details like Internal Service Performer details and Duration required for the service > Save> Release

Release Service Confirmation

Now go back to the first service order> Confirm Service Execution> Fill in the Supplier & employee details, confirm the quantity and amount> Release

Release Service Confirmation

If you check in Field Service & Repair work center> Service Confirmations> You can find your two service confirmations as finished

Service Confirmations Finished

Now you can release & post the Customer and Supplier Invoices created automatically in the system

Customer Invoice

Supplier Invoice

I have tried to explain the topic Inter-Company Field Service & Repair in simple terms and processes along with some notes that you can refer to avoid errors in the system.

I hope this blogpost would be helpful for you if you are trying this process in the ByDesign system.

Would be happy to read some feedback and comments from your side on this blogpost in the comment section. Follow me as I will be posting few more blogs on topics related to SAP Business ByDesign.

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