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The first support package for integrating SAP HCM and SuccessFactors – Integration Add-on for SAP ERP Human Capital Management and SuccessFactors Business Execution 1.0 Support Package 1 – was released onto SAP Service Marketplace in September (SAPK-60001INSFIHCM01). The integration package, released in May for Ramp Up and on General Availability since August 10th, introduced one-way employee and organizational data transfer from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors to support Talent Management processes and also transfers analytics data to SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics to support customers using SuccessFactors for HCM reporting. A brief overview of all of the packages and the strategy for integration can be found in my blog SAP and SuccessFactors Talent Hybrid Packaged Integrations: an overview.

What’s new?

Support Package 1.0 is focused on providing some bugs fixes in the first release of the integration package, plus introducing:

  1. New fields
  2. Delta-transfer
  3. Report to delete inactive employees
  4. SSO

Four new fields have been added to SP1, all of which are customer-specific fields. These fields are:

  • Default Locale
  • Custom Manager
  • Second Manager
  • Proxy

The most important feature of SP1 is the introduction of delta-handling for the transfer of data. The new report RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA has been introduced to allow only changes to employee data to be transferred. Previously only a full data load could be performed.

A new report – RPUDELPP – has been introduced to delete the Personnel Numbers of employees who have left the company and the retention periods for the data for this employee have been reached. This is controlled by a BAdI so customers can provide their own log for determining employees who have left. A double verification principle is used, meaning that two different users must have the correct authorizations to run the report.

SSO isn’t actually part of any integration package release, but since it was released between integration package 1.0 and SP1 it makes sense to mention it here. SSO can be setup so that SuccessFactors can be accessed from the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Details of setting up SSO can be found in the Cookbook Integration of SuccessFactors Business Execution into SAP NetWeaver Portal via Single Sign-On [S-user required].

Practical and Technical Implementation Information

The support package has the same backend requirements as the integration package.

What’s up next?

SAP are going to continue with introducing process and data integration scenarios and the next package will deliver compensation process integration and two-way middleware integration. Details can be found in this blog on Integration Add-on 1.0 for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors: Support Package 2.


Integration has improved slightly with the introduction of delta-transfer and the SSO will enable organizations to run SuccessFactors from their NetWeaver Portal. While integration is still basic, the next integration package should provide more in-depth integration options for customers.

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