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In Mexico and in some Central and South American countries, invoices are required to be validated for government entities, which are called tax receipts.

To meet the business requirement, we created the development Electronic Invoice ByDintec in order to control the process of issuing the invoices generated and validated in the system.

What does the add-on Electronic Invoice ByDintec add-on consist of?

The development streamlines the issuance of customer invoices individually or massively. The process takes the invoice generated from SAP and sends it to the PAC in México which is a supplier authorized by the government and in other country sends it to the government,.  There the stamp is generated by the government entity and is returned to our system with the verification codes.

This allows the control and registration of invoices in the system and of the codes delivered by the legal entity. These are stored in the attachments tab. By having all the information within the system, it allows for the complete visualization of the process and documentation. It also provides the Electronic Accounting information with the stamps requested by the Mexican government.


Electronic Invoice ByDintec add-on

The add-on is embedded in the "Customer Invoice" work center and enables a button named "Legal Approval" to issue the electronic invoice.


The development can identify if the invoice needs to be electronic or not.

Once an electronic invoice approval is generated, a code with all the invoice information is generated and sent to the government entity.


This allows the control and registration of invoices in the system and of the codes delivered by the legal entity, which are stored in the annexes tab. By having all the information in the system, it allows to have the complete visualization of the process and documentation, as well as to have the information of the Electronic Accounting requested by the Mexican government with the stamps.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Automate the process for generating invoices in the government portal, reducing operating times and expenses.

  • Simplify administrative processes and reduces process errors, allowing that time to be assigned to other tasks.

  • Improve the visibility of the documentation, having all the documents in the system.


By having the Electronic Invoice ByDintec add-on, you will meet the government requirements for electronic invoicing and will be able to streamline your accounting processes. In addition, it will allow you to have total control over the documentation due to the digitization of invoices that will be linked to the document flow of each process. This will lead to greater security and efficiency when reviewing invoice documents.

Additional information:

Check SAP Store to get additional details in Electronic Invoice byDintec add-on https://store.sap.com/en/product/display-0000059209_live_v1/E-Invoice%20ByDintec%20-%20Electronic%20...

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