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Quality Assurance add-on to manage your business production

In the manufacturing space, guaranteeing a consistent and quality product is a must. Not only is registering and controlling your production quality an industry requirement, it’s also an opportunity to build customer trust and minimize the risk of costly defects. Manufacturing businesses should always look to make sure that the tools and mechanisms they us for Quality Control include many important processes such as inspection, control, guarantee, management and delivery of products and services.  One way to ensure that all those steps are followed is by producing Certificates of Quality.

Businesses must carry out different validation processes for density, color, humidity, and many other characteristics to ensure the quality of the products they manufacture and guarantee that quality by generating certificates.

For example, a food production company undergoes a quality validation process every time the product is delivered to the end customer. This is necessary to meet the requirements of its clients. The company has to make sure that the product shipped has the characteristics that the buyer requested and be able to send the product with a Certificate of Quality that is issued by their SAP ByDesign system.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Identify which orders still do not have their certificate

  • Retain a record of each order with its certificate

  • Issue different types of Certificates of Quality

To meet this business requirement, the Quality Assurance add-on allows the generation of Certificates of Quality of production based on samples of the products through a process control technique.

Quality Assurance Add-on

Thanks to this Quality Assurance add-on manufacturing companies can control the quality standards required for their products.

With proper control and the generation of product certification, the risk of having products with a defect is mitigated. Applying this technique as part of your company's process will allow you to reduce the costs of manufacturing lower quality products when needed.

In addition to generating the Certificate of Quality, Quality Assurance add-on allows continuous monitoring for better control of orders that require certificates and the ability to validate whether they were generated.

Also, this add-on features full control of quality with:

Analysis Registration

  • Different analysis according to specific products

  • Parameters defined by industry

  • Warehouse Monitor

    • Sales Orders with certificates not issued that require an inspection

    • Sales Orders with issued certificates

    • Sales Orders with inspection performed

  • Printed or electronic certificates according to the end customer's requirement

Along with the benefit of all this functionality it is possible to generate and integrate those quality control certificates within the SAP Business ByDesign Order-to-Cash process.




The benefits of the Quality Assurance add-on for your business:

  • Increase efficiency in quality processes

  • Having a customized Certificate of Quality format generator

  • Having tracking monitors for quality and warehouse areas

  • Have a quality analysis log repository

  • Greater assurance that processes are under control

  • Generate Certificates of Quality that can be configured for each client

  • Integration of the inspection process with the standard Order-to-Cash scenario in SAP Business ByDesign


In today’s rapidly transforming digital environment, businesses must change how they think about quality and consistency to remain competitive. Adding the Quality Assurance add-on to your SAP Business ByDesign system makes it easier than ever for manufacturers to meet their clients’ expectations – as well as their own.

If you would like more information, please use the SAP App Center: SapAppCenter - Quality Assurance by Dintec
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