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When we are setting up a new company for the first time or establishing a new one addition to the previous ones, we must add our employees’ users on SAP Business One, and to do so we must provide them licenses to let them function their tasks properly, such as; Limited Financials, Limited CRM, Professional, …


Requesting SAP Licenses Scenario from SAP Partner

From SAP Business One Service Manager > choose the Service License Manager > Settings

After opening the General Settings window, provide the following details to your SAP Partner:

  • System Number

  • Installation Number

  • Hardware Key

  • License Server Version

After providing the previous details to your SAP Partner, they’ll receive an email from SAP itself with the S-User file that contains the updated file with the new requested license in case of you any previous, then your partner will forward the email to you as following;


Once you receive this email, a txt file will be included in it, which you’ll download it and paste it to your work-machine, to import it to SAP Business One.

Importing – Activating SAP License File to SAP Business One

There’re TWO ways;

  • SAP Business One Service Manager

  • SAP Business One Client Software,


SAP Business One Client Software

Modules > Administration > License > License Administration

In SAP License Administration window, the bottom of the window > Import License File

Now, a new window will show up (File Explorer) to choose the Licenses Key file to be imported to the system. Just chose the file.

After choosing the right file, hit the Refresh button on the bottom right corner, and the new licenses will show up.


SAP Business One Service Manager

From SAP Business One Service Manager > choose the Service License Manager > Settings

In the General Settings window > Import License File section > click on  > chose the file >
click on Import License File button

In SAP Business One Client Software, from the License Administration you see the new licenses,


Hope this helps,

to view the complete documentation,

Install License file (S-User) in SAP Business One 9.2

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