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India Payroll End to End Documentation

                                                                                                       - By Madhav.B         PART - V


PA30 – Master Data – IT0008 – Basic Pay

IT 0008

Tcode : FBZP – Housing Banks Setup

Select Housing Banks

Feature : ZLSCH

Bank Details: IT0009

IT 0014 : Recurring Payments and Deductions

IT0015 Additional Payments

IT 0580 : Previous Employment Details

IT 0581 : House Rent Allowance

IT584 : Income form other sources

IT 0585 : Section 80 Deductions

IT0586  : Section 80C Deductions

IT587 : Employee Provident Fund

IT 588 : Other Statutory contributions

Subtype 1 : ESI Contribution

IT 588    : Subtype 0002  -- Labour Welfare Fund

IT 0588 : Subtype 0003 – Professional Tax

IT 0589 : Individual Reimbursements

IT 0590 : Long Term Reimbursements    Subtype -- SHFS

IT 0590 : Subtype SSFS

IT 0045 :  Company Loans

Subtype : 0100 – Building loan

IT 0105 – Subtype 0010

Payslip Design

Tcode -- PE51

Click on change


Select “Single Fields”

Double click “ BANKN” Field

Insert /559 Wage type   in identifier field

Click “Transfer”   and Save

/Select “Window”

Double click on “01”

All the earnings wagetypes will be displayed in Earnings window

Add all the custom wagetypes  by clicking on “+”and click transfer, Transfer   and Save

Select in the window form for deduction wagetypes

Double Click on “02”

Add the deduction wagetypes  and Transfer and Transfer


Select cumulation IDs

Double click on “ Earnings”

Add wagetypes and “Transfer”


Select Attributes

Select Text Modules

Add the required fields


Select  Variant  button and click “change’

Click on attributes

Select “ Protect Variant” and “Save”

Variant is Saved message will APPEAR.

Payroll Run

Tcode: PE01

Copy Syandard Schema IN00

Continued in PART VI..............