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Pre-requisites & Disclaimer

This blog is useful if you are in the migration phase from ECC to S4H.



During SH4 migration, you might get the error message “IM285 – Inconsistency Phase/Status Management” while opening notification and you will not able to modify the QM/PM notifications.


While migrating form ECC to S4H, SAP systems checks for filed PHASE of table QMEL. The filed is available in ECC too but not being validated by SAP program.

The same notifications which ware editable before, are not editable post S4H migration. This error arises because post migration all the notification transaction checks for the field “QMEL-PHASE” which is not being checked before.

The field QMEL-PHASE should contain any value from the below list:



To correct this, you need to implement SAP Note 2641810 - EAM notification/QM notification/PS notification: Inconsistencies: Notification phase/status management.

This note contains an executable program which goes to QMEL table and update field PHASE of each notification, based on active status in table JEST for the OBJNR.

The correction program works on below logic of JEST-STAT:

If JEST-STAT = I0068.

1 is updated in QMEL-PHASE.

If JEST-STAT = I0069.

2 is updated in QMEL-PHASE.

If JEST-STAT = I0070.

3 is updated in QMEL-PHASE.

If JEST-STAT = I0072.

4 is updated in QMEL-PHASE.

If JEST-STAT = I0076.

5 is updated in QMEL-PHASE.



  1. This program takes time for execution depending upon number of notifications in QMEL table. More the number of notifications more the time required for execution of program. So, it is advisable to execute this program at time when more SAP resources are available i.e. when less users are accessing SAP.

  2. The program works for all the notification of notification category ‘01’, ‘02’, ‘03’ & ‘04’.


Post implementing the note 2641810 the field QMEL-PHASE will get updated for all the notification numbers and the error message will not appear.


Happy Learning!!! 🙂
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