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One of the greatest Success story of SAP is the Audit Trace it has using SAP Standard Change History Object. It is used anywhere everywhere for the following

To Track whether the Company is making the best Deal
Cost Cutting on changes that is being made caught in Change History.
Automation or RPA usage for regular changes so that Human works on Important stuff
Find Process Design through history
Find place where Training is Required.


In SAP ECC as an ABAPER we always had to built a Report Joining the change History table and other tables as it was created as a Pool/Cluster table hence it could not be used in ABAP Query(SQVI)

Below is the Error message which you get when you try to add CDPOS as a Table join in SQVI

Highlight section shows CDPO is a Pool table in SAP ECC

Below is the ABAP Query Joining Codition

Below is the Selection Screen

Below is the Layout for the ABAP Query

Below is the Layout for the ABAP Query continued

Now we Execute the Report to Find the Change History on Payment Block Field(ZLSPR) and Table is BSEG

Wala here is the Output.

I am not sure about the Change Document Object. Lets check BUPA*(aka Business Partner/Vendor/Customer/Employee)

We get all the Output

Now I want check who is Changing Price in the Purchase order. If it is less great if it is more WHY 🙂

Below is the Output.

Also check the blog to generate an ABAP Report from ABAP Query




This can be used only in SAP S/4 HANA and not SAP ECC


Below is the Video version



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