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After working with SAP for more than 15 years and travelling across the Globe for SAP Projects one issue I always use to have how can I keep track of all the SAP Transaction Code associated with different Modules. If you are working as a SAP ABAP Consultant you need to keep the name of transaction Codes  in your Fingertips. Sometimes this you know from other Experts and sometimes you have to dig it out. After exploring I found a very easy way to dig out the SAP Transaction Code associated with a Business Process Area. Just check this blog and conquer the SAP world.

This is very fundamental but very important. Everyone who is working  as a Consultant will use it all the time. This Tutorial will help them to find the SAP Tables behind any SAP Transaction Codes whether it is SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA.



Step by Step instruction

Go to Transaction Code ST05 and activate Trace for your SAP User Id.

Now suppose the requirement is to get the Table that stores the Field of all Standard Tables. In this example I want to Find the Table that stores EKKO Table field as a matter of fact any table fields.

Below is the EKKO Table Field

Deactivate the Trace from ST05

Now Display Trace

Execute on the below Option

Now we got the Result


Now hit the Find button as shown in Blue

Now Search with Keyword EKKO

I think below is the table that has all the field names for Table EKKO

Let us verify by going to SE16 and enter table name DD03L

Now we enter TABNAME as EKKO shown below

WALA we got our Result

We can use the above concept to get any table behind a Transaction Code.

Please check below link for Video option.




Now you can use the above concept to know Transaction Codes for anything and everything