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This document describes the in-process inspection process for discrete manufacturing (Production Order) with sequence of steps including master data needed and transaction data to be executed along with screenshots. This document is intended for QM learners.

Master Data Needed:

  1. a) Material Master – QM View
  2. b) Master inspection characteristic
  3. c) Routing with QM Control Key-MIC Assignment

Transaction Data:

  1. a) Production Order Creation & Release
  2. b) Inspection lot Completion

Master Data Needed:

  1. a) Material Master – QM View (MM01/MM02)

Inspection Type 03 – In-Process insp. for Production Order needs to be activated in the Material Master under QM view – Inspection Setup as shown below.


  1. b) Master inspection characteristic (QS21)

          Create Master Inspection characteristic as shown below using transaction code QS21.

Select Characteristic as Quantitative & Status as Released and Complete copy model.

Select lower, upper & target values for characteristic.

Enter the values for the characteristic & Save.

Information is displayed after saving.


  1. c) Routing with QM Control Key (CA01/CA02)

Select control key PP06 – In-house production with inspect. chars as shown below for the operation. Ensure that the control indicator “Insp.char.required” is active for the control key as shown below.

Select the operation and click on Inspection characteristics button for assigning the mic created.

Enter MIC “Wattage” created as shown below & Save.


Transaction Data:

a) Production Order Creation & Release (CO01)

Enter Quantity and scheduling details & release the order for triggering the in-process inspection lot. 

Inspection lot is displayed in the assignment tab of the order as shown below.

b) Inspection lot Completion (QA32) – Results Recording & Usage Decision.

Enter Plant and Material and execute the transaction for listing the inspection lots.

Select the inspection lot line item and click on Results to record the values.


Select the characteristic and click on details to enter the value and valuate the same.

Enter Mean Value and on pop-up selection the valuation as accept.

Save the screen.

Information will be displayed upon saving.

Select the inspection lot and click on Usage decision for completion of inspection.

Select the usage decision code as A-Accept.


Save the screen.

Information will be displayed upon saving.

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