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SAP S/4HANA Finance was previously known as SAP Simple Finance and with the release of 1605, SAP S/4HANA Finance became the only official product name for both 1503 and 1605 releases. The last version, SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605 SP04, is based on SAP EhP 8 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP Stack 03 and SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP Stack 04 with the minimal SAP HANA database requirement of SP stack 11 (Revision 112.03). From a technical point of view, SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605 SP04 replaces the SAP_FIN 618 component with SAP_FIN 730 SP04 .

I would like to provide a high-level overview of the front-end and back-end components delivered with SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605 based on the available deployment options and give some information regarding the changes in Fiori Apps with SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605.

Below figure shows the components required for SAP S/4HANA Finance Back-end only deployment option:

Back-end only deployment option requires following components to be installed:

  • SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA

  • SAP Cash Management (optional)

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Central Finance (optional)

Note that SAP Cash Management is an application based component and requires the installation of SAP Fiori for S/4HANA Finance apps. If you plan to use HANA-based analytical applications, the installation of SAP HANA Live for S/4HANA Finance in the back-end is also required.

Another and more popular option is to run SAP S/4HANA Finance Back End with Fiori UI:

This option requires installation of the following components:

  • SAP Fiori for S/4HANA Finance

  • SAP Smart Business for S/4HANA Finance

  • SAP HANA Live for S/4HANA Finance (for most SAP Smart Business for S/4HANA Finance apps)

  • SAP Fiori for S/4HANA Finance

  • SAP Smart Business for S/4HANA Finance

In this scenario you need to install the back-end components for SAP S/4HANA Finance. Also you need to decide whether you want to install the SAP Netweaver Gateway server on a separate server (hub deployment) or in the back end (local Gateway). Depending on your landscape and business requirements; you can run SAP S/4 HANA Finance backend with Fiori Frontend Server (FES) as a hub deployment; SAP MaxDB, Sybase ASE and HanaDB are all supported database systems in this case or you can run it as an embedded deployment on your S/4HANA Finance Backend and it will be running on HanaDB.

What is new in Fiori Apps with SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605?

There are some Fiori app changes with SAP S/4 HANA Finance 1605. The entire structure of the Fiori Launchpad Content including its associated roles has been changed. Some of the Fiori apps (e.g. Check Cash Flow Items) have been renamed and some of them have been replaced with new apps. Several business catalog roles have also been replaced by newly introduced business roles. The most used SAPGUI transactions have been added to separate technical catalogs so that they can also be used from the Fiori Launchpad. It is now recommended to create your own catalogs based on your needs. For more details, you can have a look at SAP Note 2242596 regarding the changes in Fiori Content in S/4HANA Finance 1605.

Software components UIFSCM70 and UIHSFIN01 have been retrofitted into the software component UIAPFI70 300 within SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605, so there is only one central UI software component version required to be installed and it contains both UIs for transactional and analytical Fiori apps.

If you are upgrading from S/4HANA Finance 1503; it is highly recommended to run the report /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE daily as a background job after the uograde. This job allows to retrieve and find the required indexing and caching mechanism for SAPUI5 applications, components, and libraries significantly faster compared to carrying out the calculations each time it is requested. Also, just to ensure UI2 caches are being flushed properly, it is recommended to run /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES in “Execution Mode” once.

Apart from the activities specified above, the detailed installation steps differ depending on the UI technology used. For more information, see the “Implementation” documents of the apps.

Alper Somuncu

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