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Business Case:

In the time reporting process with CATS quite often the account assignment object is a PM Work Order.  It is a typical PS/PM integration scenario when PM work orders are assigned either to the WBS or to the NWA.  As result of that the CATS_DA report gives the output with Work Orders only.  Same time a common business requirement is to report hours by WBS, as well as provide management with statistics on CAPEX/OPEX breakdown (for example) that normally can be done only based on the WBS information.  Furthermore WBS-elements contain additional characteristics like Person Responsible, Responsible Cost Center, and JVA related fields.  All these additional fields can be important from reporting perspective.


I will use SQVI transaction to create a query based on a simple Table join:

Next I will link three tables as a minimum set of data: CATSDB, AUFK, and PRPS.

I will need AUFK table to get the order link with WBS table, and PRPS to get WBS information.

Finally you can select the List fields and Selection fields for all the tables involved:

Another common question is how to share the query with other business users.  Use transaction code SQ02.

Select from the menu Settings -> Settings and select the flag for Display system objects:

Select from the menu Environment -> Query areas and select the radio button for Standard area:

Next you can easily find your QV by the User Name:

If you click on Role/User Group Assignment you can take a note of system generated User Group (it has a standard prefix SYSTQV followed by sequential number).  Next you can edit the User Group and assign additional users if needed.

Another (and probably better) alternative is to create a Z t-code for the SQVI generated program in SE93.

There are many more opportunities around SQVI to polish and improve it further, but this sample is hopefully enough to get you a quick start.

Thank you for your time and feedback!

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