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My name is Lukas Portugal and I work as a Product Manager at All for One Steeb. Many customers and colleagues ask me, „Why does SAP Business ByDesign not update the exchanges rates automatically?“ Or „Why do I have to manually update Exchange Rates in my Standard SAP Business ByDesign?“

If you do not have current exchange rates in your system, but are working with different currencies, the chances are high that you are working with old and outdated exchange rates.

This must not happen and can have a negative impact – especially during the financial closing!

Updating the exchange rates manually is an time-consuming and tideous process. Fortunately, our app offers you the solution to these issues.

Which problems does the app solve?

  1. import current and correct exchange rates

The App updates daily your prefered exchange rates with a direct connection to your banks.

  1. integrate ECB, OANDA or a bank of your choice

You have the possibility to choose between different APIs. ECB or OANDA are the standard integrations of the Exchange Rate Import, but it is still possible to integrate a bank of your choice (additional outlay).

  1. use the ECB triangulation

Since the ECB integration only offers exchange rates with the base currency „Euro“, we decided to include a currency triangulation where you can determine the exchange rate between Swiss francs and US-Dollar (for example)

  1. start mass data runs

Of course you have the possibility to start mass data runs in order to have the current exchange rates updated daily. You can decide when and how often the run starts.

In conclusion, the integration is the solution to easily import current exchange rates into your SAP Business ByDesign. If you are interested in our app, please feel free to contact me or find us at SAP Store

By the way: If you are interested in how I solve more problems with my team, just follow me and I will keep you updated here via blogs.sap.com.
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