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Client usually make customized report and in that case testing of data takes place and many times testing gets correct but they miss out essential part required at time of using special purpose ledger is using Tcode GWUL .

GWUL is used for refreshing customized report made in report painter like trial balance , balance sheet , cashflow statement , segment reporting etc

This GWUL is used when transaction are taking place in foreign currency and reporting is required in some other currency . So essentiality is both currency should be different .

Tcode GWUL

I will explain from point of balancesheet where reports are extracted at any period of time .But exchange rates keeps on changing on daily basis in that case such balancesheet report need to be refreshed to latest exchange rates . This is where GWUl is used . GWUL refreshes Balancesheet at latest exchange rates and post difference to defined GL accounts called as translation difference account .

How to find Translation difference account?.Tcode GCW4Below screenshot shows that GL 32001 is where Translation dfference will be posted


Now Will check how this this exactly works

Will take balance sheet for period 6 FY2014

Make note of GL10001 in Company code 0070

After some months there is again requirement for balancesheeet .We assume that no transation has been posted in between periods .

Will run GWUL for Period 9 Fy 2014 so as to refresh balancesheet to exchange rate available for Period 9 Fy 2014 .

This is how GWUL will show details .

Now will reopen Balncesheet for period 9 FY14

So now We can see balances are changed in GL 10001 and Balance sheet is tallied and balance is shifted to "TRANSLATION DIFFERENCE ACCOUNT"

Also we can check that translatn diff amount in after running GWUL above tallies with amount available in balancesheet .


kaushal Ghedia

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