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Background Jobs

Like said during the topic five, you can use background jobs to automate some activities. This is especially useful in structural profiles because you have many users to manage the profiles and usually one or two responsible for these activities.

The background jobs allow you to execute an activity as a routine in the system without the need of any personal supervision.

One example can be the execution of RHPROFL0 by background job in our system.

During the structural profile configuration, we filled the 1017 infotype of each manager’s org. unit with the profile ZGESTOR, and then we configured a background job responsible for compare each user created in table T77UA with the users returned by reading each org. unit with 1017 infotype filled and its occupants.

Then this report analyse whose user created in T77UA remains in org. units with 1017 infotype created and whose will need to be eliminated. This same report also analysis whose user belongs to an org. unit with 1017 infotype created and does not exists in T77UA table and then creates then.

This job was set to run daily every midnight, this way when some employee get a promotion to a manager place, his user will have access to his new team by the next day.

Revising another concept of topic five, in order to create a job you have to:

1) Create a variant: A variant is a pre-filled screen of a report with some constants needed to run it automatically;

2) Chose the schedule: You have to define when you job will be executed like 2 times a day (or more), daily, weekly, monthly, and so on;

3) Chose the hour of execution: you also have to inform your basis the time when your job needs to be executed. E.g. In certain situations is better to execute a job when your company is not working (like during late at night) in order to avoid let your system slower.

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