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After attending the News for FICO Friends: ERP for Financials Customer Connection webcast, we took a look at some of the notes and applied them.  As of now, some of the notes look very promising.  See below.

Display FI Document - Seeing more of the Name

Who entered that document?  Perhaps you don't know all the user names in your system.  That is what is nice about this enhancement.

The above is from the header document.  Double click on "Entered by" "TPOWLAS" and the following appears after implementing the note:

You can see the person's first name, last name, department and phone.

Opening and Closing Periods

How many of us know the account type codes?  I confess, I don't know all of them.  How many times has it caused us mistakes?

See old OB52:

What is account type V?  I can't tell you right now without looking it up.

After implementing the notes from the Customer Connect, see below:

Account type V is contract accounts and now the view above is nice to read and such a view should help prevent mistakes in the future.

Increasing Line Counts in CO Line Items

In KOB1 (CO Line items report) there is a line item limit.  Implementing the notes from the customer connect, this can be increased using transaction RPC0 transaction:

We are still investigating some of the other notes resulting from the Customer Connection - to be continued.  So far the notes have some great appealing features.