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Found the posting error with the standard SAP WHSCON IDoc with Batch split scenario. Shared analysis with SAP and they released a high priority OSS note to resolve the issue.

Business Case: Post goods receipt of inbound delivery with batch split where incoming IDoc quantity is same as delivery quantity.

Process Flow : Inbound delivery gets transmitted to 3rd party system. Upon physical arrival of consignment at 3PL warehouse unloading and put away process takes places in the Legacy system. Upon final receipt Legacy system sends a IDoc message type WHSCON with batch split qualifier ‘BAS’ along with other qualifier ‘PIC’ and ‘PGI’. This is supposed to


    Perform the Batch Split in the inbound delivery

Ø  Update the put away quantity  in inbound delivery

Ø  Perform the Post Goods Receipt of the inbound delivery



Inbound Delivery Qty

Qty in IDoc


WHSCON with Batch Split -

Full quantity receipt with qualifier PIC and PGR

** In case of partial receipt system is working fine



Put away quantity gets updated in the inbound delivery as per the batch split however the  post goods receipt fails and goods receipt status in delivery shows ‘B’-Partially processed,

it should display the status as ‘C-Completely processed’

IDoc detail

IDoc message type ‘WHSCON’ with E1EDL18 qualifier PIC & PGI to update the put away quantity and perform the post goods receipt in the inbound delivery.E1EDL24- E1EDL19 segment with Batch split qualifier ‘BAS’ to perform the batch split

Delivery detail

IDoc gets processed successfully. Put away status of the line item gets confirmed whereas Goods movement status of main line item remains same ‘A- Not yet started’ which doesn’t allow system to perform the post goods receipt even if the qualifier ‘PGR’ is there in the incoming IDoc


Implementation of OSS note 1946252 

Released On                :          26.11.2013 15:33:50

Release Status            :          Released for Customer

Component                  :          LE-SHP-DL-LA Inbound Delivery

Priority                        :          Correction with high priority

Category                      :          Program error

The above note got released on 26th November and currently in German language only will be interpreted into English language in couple of days as communicated by SAP.

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