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In the inter-company purchase (inter-company stock transfer) process, a common solution is to automatically trigger the inbound delivery document of the receive company after the issue company completes the goods issue posting. In addition to using the SAP standard output type SPED, it can also be implemented through IDoc.

This blog describes how to realize this function through IDoc.

It mainly consists of the following steps:


1, Create a new output type for outbound delivery.


T.Code – V/34,or using below configuration menu,

Here I created a new output type ZZIB,

Access sequence Z001,

The value of the field Transm.Medium is 6 (EDI).

The program is RSNASTED.

The form routine is EDI_PROCESSING


In the partner functions, create a new entry:6/SH, see above screen.



2,Assign the output type to output determination procedure V10000.

Requirement should be set as 1, means the output will be triggered after PGI for the outbound delivery.



3, Maintain the condition record for the output type.

Transaction code: VV21/VV22.

The partner specified here should be maintained in tcode WE20.



4,Define confirmation control key .




5, The outbound IDoc setting.


5.1), IDoc type – DELVRY03

Tools > ALE > ALE Development > IDoc > IDoc Type Development > IDoc Types

T.Code – WE30

5.2), Message Type – DESADV

Tools > ALE > ALE Development > IDoc > IDoc Type Development >Logical Messages

T.Code – WE81.

5.3), Process Code – DELV

Tools > ALE > ALE Development > IDoc > Outbound Processing > Define Process Code

T.Code – WE41.

Function Module – IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY.

5.4), Maintain the partner profile for outbound parameter.

SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Messages > EDI > Set Up Partner Profile

T.Code – WE20.

Partner Type – KU (Customer)

Partner Role – SH

Receiver Port: A000000002

RFC Destination:




6, Inbound IDOC setting


IDoc type – DELVRY01

Message Type – DESADV

Process Code – DELS

Tools > ALE > ALE Development > IDoc > Inbound Processing > Define Process Code

T.Code – WE42

Function Module – IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1,

Maintain the partner profile for inbound parameter.


Tcode WE20. Partner Type – LS (Logical system)



7, The definition of Logical system by code SALE or by tcode BD54.


The assignment between logical system and SAP client.

Note: Currently I did this testing in CLIENT 100 system.



8, Create document and to see the effect.



VL10B created an outbound delivery 80000784,

The PGI was done for this outbound delivery,

Check the output for this outbound delivery, IDoc triggered successfully.


The Inbound delivery was triggered successfully.

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