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SAP offers the use of IBIP transaction  as data migration platform as alternative to LSMW for the PM module ,initially IBIP was design by SAP to supported PM objects multi-level hierarchies which are too complex for recording technique .

This abstract demonstrate excel based tool which utilize IBIP Functionality from office excel comfortable user interface and support massive data include pre load test and step by step functionalities.

Variant  1 -SAP PM Module -  use IBIP Tool to generates flat files without recording  compatible to IBIP structures  for all the PM objects hierarchy ready to upload using IBIP transaction

Variant  2 - All other SAP  Modules -  Use IBIP for for (Almost) any transaction using IBIP user exit , recording is done by  transaction SHDB and export the recording to the IBIPTool  which generate automatic template and many other functionalities 

Implement user exit IBIP ( transaction CMOD) using  following ABAP Code
*&  Include           ZXPMZU01

CLEAR: i_bdcdata[] , i_bdcdata ,bdcdata[].

IF int_tab-recordname = 'IBIPTOOL'.

REFRESH tot_assoc_tab.

PERFORM assoc_ibiptext.

PERFORM assoc_ibipbdcd.

PERFORM proc_ibipbdcd USING 0 .

bdcdata[] = i_bdcdata[].


FREE int_tab.

Attached video demo  for  material create at transaction MM01


Examples for pre made templates can be provided by request to my profile mail.

Pre requirement

  • Microsoft excel 2007 - 2019

  • Macro enabled

  • SAP GUI installed ( for step by step and recording functionalities)

  • Download



Test Run-  Identify error before upload improve the data quality in the system , this option is available at option 2 and option 3  .

Save time - Auto template builder support easy multi structures data entry, using the IBIP Tool there is it is easy to create link between structures ( Using IDENT1 , IDENT2  etc..) ,

Schedule runs at night Jobs - by splitting the flat file to several flat files we can use the IBIP program to upload the data in a schedule job

All in One - Record and Run  and transaction from the Excel IBIP Tool to support transaction which are not supported by IBIP like : IP02 , IA06  etc

Out of the Box solution – No need in ABAP developments , based on the IBIP long proven transaction

Flat Files upload  to IBIP transaction

 step 1 -  Create Excel Template   

  -Select IE01 – Create equipment in the transaction combo box
 Select the IBIPEQUI  structure  in the data structure listbox

  Double click to slect the  IBIPSTAT  structure which holds the user status data

Step 2  -  Fill the template with the required data    

Step 3 - Generate Flat file from the Excel custom button

Step 3 - Upload the Flat file  from step 3 to IBIP Transaction

 Select  the created file from the flat file selected folder and press   in the IBIP transaction

Step 4 - Check the Log -  the log for the IBIP processing is available at transaction IBIPA


Ziv Marcovich

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