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Requirement of proper blueprinting by SAP ERP implementation:


is my next one objection about the use of AGILE by SAP ERP. Indeed it is close connected with arguments presented already:


Because of its importance they have to be considered separate. Based on experience blueprint prepared for SAP ERP implementation should be complete on sustainable level: precise enough for realization phase.

Remark: this article is about the ERP core scope (no CRM, SRM, BI etc) and focuses on so called “transactions” – components of processes having influence on the data base. The reports (visualizing in any form the collected data but not changing them) are separate area an may be changed in every moment – are not a subject of this article.

Please also note that this article is about the AGILE as integral part of ASAP as the way the whole project is managed. The AGILE or similar treatments however may be used as part of SAP ERP project in individual teams to make some prototyping. There are areas where the AGILE similar treatment in necessary: like in interfaces in logistic chain by volume and transfer tests.

SAP ERP implementation can be almost fully predicted in the conceptual stage – so there is even no business need for the “make and try” cycles as for whole solution. On dozens of SAP ERP implementations I have no observed necessity to make major changes after the “one-way” approach of waterfall. Typically some adjustments in last phase were fully sufficient

AGILE from its nature accepts that blueprint is open and will be changed due to the results of the “sprint” cycles. That is working perfectly in implementation of other components and development projects but will not work by SAP ERP. Based on my experience from big implementation I can not even imagine the necessary effort on project management level to make the cycles in the right way like I wrote in:


There are SAP ERP projects however where the ASAP/AGILE may work very good: SME or startups where (in both cases) RDS are in charge. That I will discuss in another post.

Once again: AGILE is from the definition like:


For rather small very well integrated teams:

“Team size is typically small (5-9 people) to simplify team communication and team collaboration”

SAP ERP implementation are definitely not this kind of projects!

  1. PS. Dear Readers of this article –if you find it usable for you please award me wit “like” or even rank with stars! This is effect of my evaluations with the target to create small focused on most important aspects implementation handbook: I will be grateful for every critical comment – for the essential ones I can make award in the discussion: http://scn.sap.com/thread/3247605

Best regards

Waldemar Faliński