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What is localization and why we need it?

SAP ByDesign is deployed in more than 146 countries, but is supported by SAP in only 20 country versions and 12 languages.

In order to support operations outside of these 20 countries, Customer-Specific Localization capability has been added by SAP to enable partners to extend and adapt SAP Business ByDesign in such a way that locally compliant operation is possible in a non standard SAP localized country.

At our company, SNAP international s.r.o., we decided focus our skills in the development of such solutions.

What is Hungarian Localization Solution?

We developed a multi-customer solution in SAP Business ByDesign that cover all legal requirements for Hungary. This solution provides the ability to comply to tax requirements, languages and currencies for quick entry to the new markets. We also commit to keep the localization up to date from a legal point of view and always compatible with the new SAP Business ByDesign versions.

What functionalities are included?

The solution for Hungary includes the following functionalities:

Szamla e-invoicing

This solution gives us an opportunity to generate automatic billing, to send an e-invoice to a Hungarian financial administration without additional administrative effort.

EC Sales list

With EC Sales package you can have a report with a full list of products and services provided by the company to customers in EU countries.


You have the possibility to collect information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union.

Exchange Rate

Thanks to this solution you can import the latest exchange rates in your system. This Exchange Rate solution connects directly to National Bank of Hungary or any other bank of your preference to have exchange rates updated when you want it to.

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How does it work?

With this solution you will use SAP Business ByDesign exactly the same way that if Hungary localization would have been provided by SAP.

On the top of the standard functionalities you will have access to a cockpit that will allow you to monitor the connection to Szamla for electronic invoices.


Customers in Hungary are already using this solution. Please, let us know if you need additional information of our solution which is available on the SAP store.