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While working on an assignment on HR Renewal, I came across alot of useful information. Thought to collate alot of this information in one single document which is easier for folks who are moving on to HR Renewal.

This blog will provide useful information and enlist few of the good blogs and links for this.

To begin with, what is HR Renewal?

HR renewal is an add-on for SAP ERP enhancement packages that contains new capabilities for some HR areas.

The HR renewal shipments contain functional as well as user experience improvements and are aimed to increase the productivity of HR Professionals and the overall HR efficiency

The way SAP has released the HR Renewal is shown below. The most latest being HR Renewal 2.0, Feature Pack 2.

This blog describes below few of the most important releases in each shipment and other important links related to it.

Initial Shipment

With the initial shipment, Business Function - HCM, MSS on Web Dynpro ABAP 2 (HCM_MSS_WDA_2) is available

With the Initial Shipment of HR Renewal, the Substitution capability is enabled for both workflow and non-workflow based Leave Approval, CATS Approval and Clock-In/Out Approval

SAP has released a new PFCG Role  - SAP_MANAGER_MSS_SUBST_SR_NWBC using which non - managers who are working as substitutes can get the tasks for the manager.

More information about the Release Notes on HR Renewal 1, Initial shipment can be found at -


Feature Packs 1- 4

Feature Pack 1 -

With, FP1, The business function HCM, Personnel & Organization (HCM_PAO_CI_1) is available.

The focus on this release has been on HR Professional Role and the Landing page.

The HR Professional role is a composite role - SAP_PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL_2 which points to the landing page from where HR professionals can access all the data they need to complete the tasks. The composite role comprises of single roles that are primarily used for authorizations.

Landing Page - The HR Professional role provides way to the Landing Page - wherein users can manage all of their information using a single point of access. It is lane based and the user interface is developed using UI5. The backend data to the user interface is provided using OData Services. All of this is within the single role assigned to the composite role of HR Professional.

As per SAP, HR Renewal could use NWBC or EP depending on what technology the services are deployed.

If all the services are deployed on WDA, NWBC should be used but if your organization use a mix of WD Java and ABAP, its better to use EP.

The landing page is Lane based, with different lanes for Actions, Discussions, Search or Analytics. Each of these are discussed briefly below:

Actions - Displays favourites and recently used Actions available for a user

Discussions - Displays all active discussions between user and other users.

Search - Using Search lane, a user can search for a position, org unit or an employee.

Analytics -  Using Analytics Lance, a user can display all the reports available for a user.

Feature Pack 2

With Feature Pack 2, the Business Function - HCM_ASR_CI_5 is available which involves newer functionalities to HCM Processes and Forms.

A new Web Dynpro ABAP FPM-based application ASR_PROC_BROWSER_OVP has been developed to allow search for both FPM form type and Adobe form type processes from a single application

With this, both - FPM based as well as Adobe based forms can be started from a single application.

More information on the release notes in HR Renewal 2, Feature Pack 2 can be found at - https://websmp102.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/011000358700001129022013E/

Feature Pack 3 -

With FP3, the Business Function - HCM_MSS_OADP_1 is available.

An important functionality came up with FP3, wherein the MSS based on OADP is being optimised.

This has resulted in Performance Optimization of OADP for the MSS Home Screen.

The Home page has a flexible Refresh pushbutton that works both in synchronous and asynchronous mode: The system decides the mode of refresh

at runtime based on the number of objects to be processed.

Another important functionality with this FP is the inclusion of a OADP Buffer Report (RP_MSS_OADP_UPDATE _BUFFER).

This report would ensure that managers always use valid data whenever they start the MSS application.

Mass Hiring for P&O - With this FP, Business Function - HCM_607_PAOMP1_M is available. Using this Business Function, the HR professionals can process the data of multiple candidates using the Mass Hiring Web application. It can be integrated with the landing page

The main advantages of this application is  that it is more appealing and has an intuitive Web user interface, which offers a central workspace for an HR professional to manage data of multiple candidates when hiring employees.

Feature Pack 4

The FP 4 has lots of enhancements but the one listed below in my blog are the ones which are most widely used:

Personnel & Organization

Organizational Management (the new Workforce Viewer)

Manager Self-Service (BF - HCM_MSS_UI5_3)

Employee Self-Service (BF - HCM_ESS_UI5_2)

For the Employee Self Service, Business Function HCM_ESS_UI5_2 is available - SAP UI5-based Record Working Times application and the My Timesheet lane are introduced with this feature pack.

For the Manager Self Service - It is now possible to archive or destroy notes data from the HRMSS_D_NOTES table by using the archiving object HRMSS_NOTE

Workforce Viewer - New Org Chart application i.e. Workforce Viewer delivered which is a HTML 5 based application with this feature Pack.

Roadmap Form - This is deliverd with FP4 of HR Renewal 1.0. Using this, one overall form can be configured which can be shared between different users who participate in the completion of the form at a stage.

HR Renewal 2.0

HR renewal 2.0 is based on EhP7.

Initial Shipment:

With the Initial Shipment, the Business Function - HCM, Manager Self-Service on SAP UI5 2 (BF_HCM_MSS_UI5_2) is available.

For MSS, HR Renewal 2.0 includes two main enhancements, a Substitutions lane and a redesigned, SAPUI5 based Timesheet Approval application

Substitution Lane - Substitution is available as a SAP UI5 application with small and expanded lane in Manager Self-Service, which enables managers to substitute both tasks and applications to other users in an organization.

CATS Approval - HR managers can use this service to check and approve working time requests. The application can be accessed from Approvals lane or can also be accessed directly through the application URL

Feature Pack 1:

Payroll Control Center

As given in SAP Help, as of SAP_HR 6.08, SP04 the business function Payroll Control Center (HCM_LOC_CI_68) for the Payroll Process Manager is available with Feature Pack 1.0

This business function to allows payroll process managers to:

  • Plan payroll processes and all involved process steps
  • Execute all needed process steps of a payroll process
  • Monitor the progress and status of all payroll processes
  • Execute validation rules and distribute the identified issues and compliance violations to the responsible payroll administrator for correction
  • Confirm successful execution of process steps, step groups, and processes
  • Enable audit processes based on a log file that is filled automatically by the system and can be enhanced by the user creating new log entries

Dynamic Processing rules

–In the GUI world it is known as “Dynamic Actions”.

–With HR renewal 2.0 FP1 Dynamic Processing Rules is delivered to configure info type dependencies within processes.

Besides these, there are a few enhancements to HCM P&F like, Save Draft feature for forms, Attachment Functionality enabled for FPM Forms and Utilities for Roadmap forms which enables users to view customer-specific links and history.

Feature Pack 2:

Enhancements to Payroll Control Centre

As of EA_HR 608 SP07, the business function HCM_LOC_CI_72 is available with Feature Pack 2

In addition to the above mentioned functionality, this enables the payroll administrators to interact between themselves and with the payroll process managers for processing the identified issues and compliance violations by setting different error statuses for the issues or violations.

Enhancements to Dynamic Processing Rules:

With this enhancement, dynamic processing rule (DPR) can be assigned  to a delete operation. This enables configuring dynamic processing rules which get  triggered when the system deletes an infotype record.

Example: When an infotype is delimited, this results in another infotype record being deleted.

More information about FP 1 and 2 for HR Renewal 2.0 can be found at -


Other Useful links and References:

Please refer to the below links for more information on these topics at a greater detail and with live examples.

In this blog, I have just tried to provide a basic overview of what all is included in each release in a nutshell.

Nice Blog on HR Landing Page - http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-48730

Roadmap forms and DPR are explained nicely in this blog - Roadmap Forms and Dynamic Processing Rules - enhanced data quality and higher system automation with...

Nice Blog on HR Renewal 1.0 - Implementing HR Renewal 1.0, Feature Pack 04

Useful Blog on Payroll Control Centre - Wave 1 -  http://scn.sap.com/community/erp/hcm/blog/2014/07/17/the-new-sap-hcm-payroll-experience

Wave 2 - http://scn.sap.com/community/erp/hcm/blog/2014/07/17/the-new-sap-hcm-payroll-experience

help.sap.com - related pages for HR Renewal 1 and 2

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