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This document is intended to provide initial overview of the WOW factors pertaining to HR Renewal Landing Page. For more details related to configuration and previous implementations, please check the below link.


Home Page of Landing Page: Default all the tasks options will be checked. Administrator / user can restrict the tasks that need to show up on the Execution Panel.

Also UI changes are allowed at user level as compared with a transport or customization, I love this cool feature to Uncheck the activities that you do not want to display in the main panel.

1.  On clicking the icon , the system will hide the top selection panel and shows only the below execution panel:




     On selecting any action, the system first provides an employee search / advanced screen, isn’t it cool? The App also has an option to do advanced search or query the backend system. Further drill down of search on selecting one of the parameters listed on the first screen of adv search.


1.  On the left hand panel the search results are displayed along with a push button for type of action selected.

1.  Then the app shows screen pretty similar to the ESS- Infotype 0105 screen to update Email and an option to hide last date(new feature).


1.  Finally a Confirmation screen for Email record update as shown below:


     Below are few screens captured for the standard ‘Hire Employee’ action screen.

2.  New Hire – initial Screen Part 1(it is a very big screen with all infotypes listed in one page).

New Hire – Part 2:

New Hire – Part 3:

New Hire – Part 4:

Organizational assignment Action screen, where in the structure wise data was nicely maintained

Transfer Employee Action:  a very good comparative screen for current and new org assignment on transfer, I believe the display of fields could be controlled by backend configuration

1.  Terminate employment action (Part 1): similar to New Hire action screen, Term too has a big screen with several infotypes to update. Again user can make these optional


     Termination Page ([part 2):


Technical Stuff

It is now time to think about the technical stuff right? the required information could be captured right from the initial screen of ANY action.



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