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What is HR Renewal?

HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency.

This program shows SAP’s commitment in investing heavily in core HR on-premise, so that customers can leverage their existing systems, even when SAP is enabling the HCM transition to the cloud.

HR Renewal has many functional and UX improvements. Notable improvements are additional of HR Professional Role, and the new user interface option for (P&F) forms development based on WebDynpro for ABAP.

What is HR Professional Role?

HR Professional role is part of HR Renewal. Following are some of the features:

Role-specific start pages

- Important action items, Frequently used applications (favorites, top-x lists), Collaboration and subscribed feeds, etc.

Easy Web UI

- Selected PA/OM data details, Tailored single activity to edit selective data (e.g., change employee and organizational data attributes), Combined data OM/PA data maintenance for single-step processes (e.g., hiring, transfer, promotion, organizational changes), Mass data change activities (e.g., mass hire, mass change of job assigned to positions)

PA + OM UI Harmonization

- Harmonized navigation pattern across PA and OM (Search, Structure), Harmonize UI for combined data changes, single activities, display data details and mass data changes

User Productivity features

- Save as Draft, Favorites, Recently used

Analytics/Reporting and Data Quality Tools

- Ad hoc reporting, Embedded analytical content directly within applications


- Light-weight collaboration features to allow users to communicate with other users from within the new Web applications about their tasks

Additional interface for HCM P&F

- Design time leverages SAP Floor Plan Manager (FPM) to develop WD ABAP forms, New “start applications” for corresponding WD ABAP forms makes launching forms more efficient (e.g., reduce clicks)

PA + OM UI Harmonization example:

PA change in Employee Profile

OM change in Position Profile

How does the new UI improvements help the users?

The newly redefined navigation helps the users work more effectively and efficiently.

It enables quick navigation with fewer clicks to the content. Information is organized, prioritized and better accessible to the user. Fast data entry aids like cut, copy, paste and user friendly capabilities like search and save as draft provide better usability.

Is the HR Professional Role and HR Administrator Role the same?

No.  HR Administrator role provides the HR users ability to initiate, execute, and check HR processes such as hiring an employee or an organizational reassignment, Edit employees' master data, Manage the Digital Personnel File etc. HR Admin was available to customers prior to HR Renewal.

HR Professional role is new and was released as part of HR Renewal. It has more functionality and has the new improved UI.

What are the minimum requirements to implement HR Renewal?

HR Renewal will require ECC 6.0 and Enhancement Package 6 (EHP6) as a pre-requisite. It is delivered as an “In-advance” or early shipment of Enhancement Package 7 (EhP7).

How do the end users access HR Renewal? NWBC or Enterprise Portal?

HR Renewal could use NetWeaver Business Client or Portal.  In general, NWBC is more obvious choice if all services deployed are built in Webdynpro ABAP. If a customer has a mix of WD Java and WD ABAP services, Enterprise Portal is a better choice. Choice between NWBC and Portal is based on many factors. Non-SAP content published for the users, browser support, branding requirements etc are few.

The Landing page is currently available for NWBC 4.0 only.

Is Netweaver Gateway required for HR Renewal?

Mostly Yes. HR Professional Role is a major new feature in HR Renewal. The new SAP UI5 based Landing Page for HR Professional Role is one of the major UX improvements. The Landing Page requires NW GW to be installed and configured.

However, HR Renewal comes with a lot of updates on other components like ESS\MSS. Customers will immediately benefit from those functionality enhancements even if HR Professional Role and Landing Page are not configured and used. So currently NW GW is not required if HR Professional Role and Landing Page are not used. But this may change in the future when SAP rolls out HTML5 Landing pages for ESS and MSS.

Does Netweaver Gateway require separate licenses?

No. According to SAP, there is no extra license cost for NW GW when it is used only with SAP delivered HR Renewal functionality.

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