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I was recently involved in the implementation of HR Renewal 2.0 (Feature Pack 4) for HR Professional Role.  This role is a target for those HR Professional users that typically execute the likes of PA40, PA30 and PPOME functionality in their day-to-day jobs.   The project was for a global organization and included 40 countries with approx. 5000 employees.  HR Renewal was the primary UI for all HR Professional Users to enable global HCM Processes. (PA40 - Actions, PA30 – HR and Global Payroll Infotypes, PPOME – Organizational Structure, HCM Reporting using SAP Query and some custom reports).

Below is some useful feedback on lessons learnt, that may add value if you planning a similar journey:

Key Hi-Lights of the Product:

  • Ease of use and simplified navigation
  • User specific configurable display settings, for example changing navigation lanes order and background picture display
  • Most update activities can be executed from search results output, this includes OM objects and Persons
  • Swim Lane concept that groups activities for Professional Users, for example an ‘Actions Lane’ and ‘Analytical Lane’
  • The Organizational Visualization functionality and update functionality that can be executed from within the visual navigation
  • Short Profile display as part of the search results output
  • Detailed Profile display that can be executed from search results output
  • Provides a good foundation to easily deploy ESS and MSS functionality


Key Low Lights of the Product:

  • Lack of functionality to manage international assignee’s process (country re-assignments)
  • Lack of functionality to manage multiple position assignments
  • Organisational Management functionality only supports the basic objects and basic infotypes
  • No enhanced objects maintenance  functionality and position ranking (move up and down) functionality
  • Position search in the road map forms (PA40 Action Replacements) only includes a search on Position ID and dates
  • Cannot maintain Job and Qualification Catalogues
  • Cannot maintain employee qualifications (Infotype 0024)
  • Cannot execute action corrections or change of Hire/Termination dates

Implementation Considerations:

You’ll need some additional resource and effort than traditional PA and OM implementation.  The implementation would typically require HCM functional and Netweaver resource, and requires additional time for configuration and testing.  In our implementation, approx. 30% additional effort to that of a traditional PA/OM implementation, of similar scope and size.

In Summary:

It’s not a like-for-like replacement for traditional PA40, PA30 and PPOME functionality.   The product does offer something, but perhaps an up-front assessment is suggested prior to implementation. 

I hope you found this content useful.  Please contact me directly for further details.


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