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We are in the process of implementing HR renewal 1.0 FP4, I just want to share some of the implementation experience on the Quick view screen within the Workforce Viewer( UI5 application ).

We are using the service pack SAPK-60724INEAHR(Component EA-HR).

In the following blog, I will go through the technical details in depth to change the standard WD component configuration(Enhancement Implementation) to add the custom Infotype Information in the Quick view UI5 application .

I take Quick view for the employee profile as an example to illustrate the entire configuration. I want to add Infotype 0002->custom field information in the Quick view.

As a first step, Navigate to the SPRO->Personnel Management-> Personnel & Organization-> Master Data Application-> Object Profile Page-> Short Profiles->Extend Field selection

In the node IMG node ->Add fields to Field Selection catalog, have added the field ZPA0002_IQAMA_NO as a fieldname and ZPA0002_IQAMA_NO_BADI_FIELD as BADI field. Category should be SAP_PAIT for the employee profile.

In the node IMG node ->Create Configurations for Data retrieval, Add fields to an configuration ID. In my case, for employee profile, have to use the configuration ID SAP_PA_QUICKVIEW.

In the IMG node ->Maintain Infotype Fields for Employee Short Profile, define BADI field and the custom infotype details.

By standard, for PA & OM Infotype, the BADI Implementation(HRPAO_DR_FIELDS_PA_INFTY_DATA)will take care of retrieving the field values from the respective infotypes. You have to really think before going for the custom BADI implementation as standard BADI could be used for all the PA Infotype fields.

I had some issues, while fetching the PA infotype details in the screen. It was happening inside the BADI call. To get rid of the error, applied the SAP note, 1991902 - HCM renewal: CL_HRPAO_IM_DR_PA_INFTY_DATA - Type casting error .

Go to SE80->choose the standard component configuration for the employee as HRPAO_QV_TH_EMP_XX. Similarly you can choose the respective quick views for Org and position.

Start the configurator, and enhance the WD component configuration.

Once you create the enhancement, click the attribute field, that will display all the above configured custom field.

Choose the custom field and save the configuration. Run the workforce viewer, I can view the employee details with the custom field(IQAMA No) information.



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