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I continued exploring the new features of HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4 and I found one more interesting functionality – The Workforce Viewer(new Org Chart functionality in addition to the existing NAKISA Org Chart functionality). I have hunted for more information about this topic in SAP Help and found this info.

Flashback (Old functionality)

Not a very long back (about 10 months back), I wrote a blog introducing the new Org Chart functionality which came up with EHP6. Till HR Renewal 1.0 FP3 the NAKISA based Org chart functionality is the only Org Chart functionality that is confined to “Master Data Application” through “Show Chart” button -

Current (New Functionality)

With the HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4, we got a new Org Chart application i.e. Workforce Viewer delivered which is a HTML 5 based application-

The blocks that are displayed in the new Org Chart are called as “Cards”. These cards can represent different Persons or Org Units or Positions who are part of the Org structure. Each card has the following functionality –

Quick View: This functionality provides a short profile of the selected object.

Number of reporting employees: Indicates the number of people reporting to this person.

Email: This button allows us to send an email to selected employee.

Actions Menu: This is very much similar to the existing functionality.  The button allows us to open various applications based on Launchpad definition (for e.g. HCM Process and forms based applications).

Since “photos” are not configured in our system, the Org chart remains fairly simple.

This new functionality can be called from various places i.e. from all 3 homepages (Employee Self Services, Manager Self Services and HR Administrative Services). For e.g. you can now access “Organizational Chart” from “Employee Self Service” where you could view your current org structure with the peer information -

It’s been so nicely integrated with the “Search functionality” where you could now easily visualize the search results from Org Structure perspective with a simple click.

Conclusion –

Though I can continue writing the details of this new functionality for pages, in order to make sure that you are not bored, I have to end this blog now ! To conclude, I really loved this new functionality especially the way it’s integrated with many applications like Search, ESS, MSS, HR Administrative services. Though the old NAKISA based functionality still exists in Master Data Application, but that works more with the Web Dynpro Applications only. I wish we could gradually integrate this new functionality with the Web Dynpro Applications also. One more interesting flaw that I found was - The performance of this application is not very encouraging. I am sure SAP would release notes in future that would address these performance issues.

Let me know your thoughts on this new functionality.

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