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What is SAP Service and Asset Manager

SAP Service and Asset Manager is a predictive asset management application that supports both maintenance and service technicians. Using this app, you can manage work orders, notifications, condition monitoring, material consumption, time management, and failure analysis.

Why Service and Asset Manager

If you are working in SAP PM/EAM, you may have wondered how to utilize mobility for this?

So, what other option do we have other than Fiori or some 3rd party solution? SAP provides another cool solution SAP Service and Asset Manager which also supports offline mode.


SAP releases new features twice in a year May-June and October-November. The latest version is SAP Service and Asset Manager 2305. Also, it is easy to upgrade.

Multi-persona usage

Customization Options

Prerequisites - BTP, PM, PM-QM integration(optional), PM-MM integration(optional), ISU(optional), SAP mobile add-on (to be installed by Basis), ABAP/MDK(Js).

As an ABAP er what you can do?

  1. Most of the cases it is observed that sap standard solution does not help, in that case you can write code and customize the application a lot.

  2. The framework is pretty smooth and stable, hence you can write code for inbound transaction queue, exchange framework customization, data fetching/posting customizations (odata, entities, add new navigations/associations).

  3. Also, you can deactivate and activate entities and features, also you can add custom data models here.

  4. Also, if you think that I am asking you to code in classical abap you are wrong. If the customer's SAP system is S/4HANA, then you can also use CDS and AMDP easily and utilize the S4 capabilities.

Also, if you are a front-end developer and you know javascript you can use the Mobile Development Kit (MDK) framework,

  1. so you just need to code in Js and that code gets converted automatically in the respective native scripts (ios, android, windows).

  2. Hence the same code will run on your android phone, android tab, iphone, ipad, macbook, windows tab and windows laptop.

Disclaimer - Windows version of the app is still not yet that stable but yes SAP working on it and probably in a year or so SAP will make the windows ssam framework also very stable just like android and ios.

Installation Guide

SAP S/4HANA Mobile Add-On | SAP Help Portal

SAP ERP Mobile Add-On | SAP Help Portal

References for Standard solutions from SAP

The latest version SAP Service and Asset Manager 2305 can be reviewed via the below link for more details. SAP Service and Asset Manager 2305 Now Available – What’s New? | SAP Blogs

If you refer the below link, you can understand how to configure it and implement it for a customer (standard process).

Configuring Features and Personas in SAP Service and Asset Manager | SAP Blogs


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