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Hi Friends ,

        Many clients they looking the reducing the work burden while creating the orders , and users not likes to enter the  one item with different PR items into different PO  with multiple line items.

Sap Provided one functionality like shopping cart and will see below for shopping cart use.

why user not like to enter the multiple lines with same code and different items. The following are reasons

1) May be in one Po they raised more line items with different quantities with different delivery dates. it may be crossing the our standard limited lines in Po. In Po maximum we can raise 999 line items only . If user need to raise one item with 15 different delivery dates like 500 items they want to raise.

2) Every time user can't enter each purchase requisition to convert PO with multiple line items.

To reduce burden and  enter the line items and with different  delivery dates we used shopping cart. Shopping cart is very help to user to easily drag the PR into PO line item.

In Po there is two shopping carts one at header level and second was at item level. Shopping cart symbol like

First will discuss about Po header shopping cart

Header  shopping cart helpful to pass different PR line items into different PO line items.

Just select the PR numbers and drag it to shopping cart,means just drag move to shopping cart  at header level.see below screen shot.

Go to ME21N - PO creation ,

click on document overview on , click on select variant

enter your details in selection screen , and execute

Just select the entries how  many PR's you want to convert PO line items .  Example i want only first 5 PR's i need to convert Po line items, So i will select only 5 PR's and drag in to shopping cart.

Just drag button to shopping cart.

Now will discuss on item level shopping cart it is in delivery schedule tab . major use of this is you can move different PR's which have identical means delivery dates are different and material code and plant same.

before taking data you should be consider the material code for line item delivery schedule tab, there is no restriction on different material into one line item delivery schedule ,So system will allow if material is not identical also. So should take care on this .

If you want to restriction on this you should develop the BADI; BADI_PO_CUST

Will see example for item level .

go to document overview on , and select variant purchase requisitions and give  your relevant data here you should select material also  execute

example material A is created for line item 10 and qty 100 for delivery date 27/7/13 and 150 qty on 18/7/13 and 200 qty on 19/7/13 and 50 qty on 20/7/2013 .

all for these different PR's created . For one PR you need to move header and other PR's you move to item level delivery schedule tab shopping cart.

Now it is to move at a time multiple PR's into Po line item .

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